Former Celtic man Jeremie Frimpong and his quotes suggest players didn't get it

By Euan Davidson

March 2, 2021

Broadly speaking, when it comes to Celtic players past and present, we’re pro-Jeremie Frimpong.

Yes, he could be frustrating. Sometimes, he’d run into blind allies, and his end product looked weak. Still, though: here was a player with excellent potential, and we let him go. The fee was decent, sure, but overall it seemed like a waste.

That is until now. The new Bayer Leverkusen star has spoken about his Celtic departure. In a recent interview, Jeremie Frimpong seems respectful of the club and the supporters, but his comments are alarming for those who were craving 10IAR, the chance to make history.

Frimpong said [Daily Record]:

“I think in football, obviously Celtic in previous years they always win. But there was always going to be a point where they can’t win everything. So there was always going to have to be a time where they have to lose.

“So the criticism Neil Lennon was getting was a bit over the top, because in football, it’s normal.

“I feel like at Celtic, the fans they were so used to winning that when they started going down they didn’t know how to feel about it, but it’s normal to feel like that.”

Former Celtic star Jeremie Frimpong against Dundee United / (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Former Celtic star Jeremie Frimpong and co. clearly didn’t get the memo

Again, just to make this entirely clear: we could’ve been the first Scottish team to win 10IAR.

With quotes like these, though, it’s easy to get the sense the players weren’t on the same page. Now, to briefly defend former Celtic man Jeremie Frimpong, he perhaps didn’t understand the expectations of supporters to some degree. In a normal world, football is cyclical, and it happens.

Perhaps, in years to come, it’ll be easier to accept that.

However, this points at a laissez-faire attitude to an incredible achievement. There’s a core of players who just don’t get how big a deal this was for us, and certainly the lack of supporters would’ve contributed to that.

On the pitch, nobody can question Frimpong’s work-rate, let’s just make that crystal, because the young Dutchman covered every blade of grass for us. Say what you will about his ability, his work ethic is beyond reproach. I don’t think he’s trying to rub anyone up the wrong way, here.

But it makes it a little easier to accept that he’s left, given that he didn’t grasp the magnitude of this season from a supporter’s perspective.

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