Jesse Marsch links show that Celtic are still an elite European club

By Euan Davidson

March 17, 2021

This morning Jesse Marsch said he has “interest” in the Celtic job.

That’s a bit of a relief, isn’t it? Especially on a Wednesday, when news often tends to be slow. This morning was an exciting shot in the arm for a support who has suffered throughout 20-21.

Hotly-tipped and with a fantastic reputation, Marsch had only hitherto been seen as an outsider for the job. He’s a favourite for a number of German Bundesliga jobs, including the very obvious job at RB Leipzig. Red Bull tend to keep things in-house, after all.

In case you missed it, Marsch said to the BBC:

“Three or four years ago, being linked with a club like Celtic would literally be an impossibility for me. And now that this is where I am, I always just try to look at it in terms of, ‘what would the project look like?’

 “It’s an amazing club and it would be an honour to even be considered.”

An honour to even be considered. That’s nice to hear, given all the negative energy coming out of Celtic Park this season. During the manager-less era that began in late-February, our expectations have been all over the place. Immediately, we were linked to Rafael Benitez, but also to Mick McCarthy.

It’s still impossible to know what the Celtic board want. The appointments over the last decade have differed wildly. It’s part of the reason why the Director of Football debate is ongoing; we don’t have a clear footballing culture from the board level.

However, being linked to stars like Jesse Marsch indicates that Celtic supporters’ lofty expectations are not without foundation or realism.

Jesse Marsch helped to develop Erling Haaland at Salzburg / (Photo by Markus Tobisch/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Celtic supporters are daring to dream of names like Jesse Marsch and Rafa Benitez; the board must show same ambition

You’d be forgiven for thinking Celtic’s stock had fallen this season.

In a sense, it has; we were utterly poor in the Europa League. We could’ve made all the right headlines by finishing 10IAR in the appropriate manner.

However, that doesn’t seem to put elite managers off. Eddie Howe, for example, has been touted for both the England job and the Celtic job in recent memory. Rafa Benitez, however much he distances himself from the role, has still been persistently attached to Neil Lennon’s old job.

The board have to reflect the desires of the supporters. While they’ve not fed into particular managerial stories by announcing much of anything, their silence will feed the rumour mill. The longer they take, the more the expectation from the supporters will rise in volume.

A board of directors with a shred of ambition should be shooting for the moon, here. Having already lured a top coach in Brendan Rodgers, nothing other than a proven winner will do. Yes, there’s a section of the support who want someone like Roy Keane or Martin O’Neill. However, the vast majority, I’d wager, want a manager that’s part of a whole movement at Celtic; someone who will be here long-term to implement a distinct culture that matches the club’s history.

Now, we know that the Celtic job still holds allure for some of the biggest names in Europe. Make zero mistake, RB Salzburg are one of the top teams in Europe and are developing nicely under Jesse Marsch. The American boss would be a huge coup.

But the fans have cast their net wide; nobody gets ruled out until they say so.

More mornings like today would be just what Celtic supporters need as we begin to wave goodbye to an awful year.

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