Joe Miller warns David Turnbull about his Celtic actions

By David Walton

June 17, 2019

Former Celtic and Aberdeen star Joe Miller has warned David Turnbull about his next steps regarding his future.

The proposed deal to take Turnbull to Celtic remains in the air. There has been no follow-up from the Hoops to their Twitter statement explaining the current state of play. An offer remains on the table for Turnbull, but it appears as though Celtic haven’t been able to strike a deal with his agent.

Miller was in the exact same situation Turnbull is in now. He negotiated his own transfer from Aberdeen to Celtic when he was 19-years of age back in 1987. He didn’t have an agent to let him run his future, and instead drove a hard bargain of his own in talks with Billy McNeill.

David Turnbull has to be careful over his next move (Alan Rennie/Action Plus via Getty Images)

But whilst Miller was keen to say Turnbull was right to drive a hard bargain, he told the Daily Record that he can’t let his agent ruin what would be the biggest move of his career.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw he knocked back Celtic. His agent might have got a bit carried away with himself. He’s a good player but the boy still needs to develop.

“If he goes down south just now to maybe the Championship, there’s a chance he could get swallowed up. There are not many 19-year-olds who go straight into the EPL. At Celtic he would be part of a squad with a winning mentality and experienced players around him who would help him reach his potential.

“The boy has to be big enough to make the decision for himself. It’s his career and if he’s desperate to sign for Celtic, then do it. I had to go in to talks with Big Billy in person.”

Turnbull’s ambitions aren’t clear

Everyone would love to get into the mind of Motherwell midfielder Turnbull at this moment in time. Is he furious with his agent? Is he supporting his agent’s decision to turn back a contract? Just where does Turnbull stand?

Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell won’t wait forever on Turnbull (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If it’s the latter, then it’s clear he isn’t desperate to sign for Celtic. His agent appears to be more interested in the fees being dished out and how much money he and his client can rake in.

Celtic, of course, can’t allow themselves to be messed around either. Turnbull has every right to turn down a contract and decide he wants a crack at it down south. He’s also entitled to chase after the money instead if he’s that way inclined. But he needs to give Celtic a definitive answer on what it is he’s looking for.

Turnbull’s time at Motherwell seems to be coming to an end (David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Only then can Celtic make a decision on what they want to do moving forward. At the moment, Turnbull hasn’t done himself any favours, but nobody is coming out fo these negotiations looking smart either.

Hopefully this can be put to bed this week. Celtic don’t need a saga running on for a position in which they don’t particularly need to strengthen. All eyes will now surely be on coming to a conclusion in the coming days.