John Hartson back Celtic ambassador Tom Boyd

By Connor Gordon

August 20, 2019

Former Celtic striker John Hartson is backing Tom Boyd over the controversial comments row.

The club ambassador is under pressure from the SFA and the media over words said on Saturday’s commentary. Boyd questioned the integrity of referee John Beaton and could face a governing body charge.

However, in a tweet this morning, Hartson is singing from Boyd’s same hymn sheet.

Why Tom Boyd is Scotland’s public enemy number one

The Scottish media is getting its knickers in a twist over Boyd’s comments on Celtic TV.

He was in his usual co-commentator role for the club’s official channel for the Dunfermline cup game.

Tom Boyd holding up the Scottish League Cup in 2000. (Photo by Michael Cooper /Allsport)

Boyd is angering many for bringing into question the refereeing of officials in Scotland. When Beaton refused to award a clear penalty to Celtic for handball, Boyd went in for him.

“Probably be welcomed down his pub the night again,” he said, in reference to the whistler who was spotted in a local Rangers bar after he took charge of a recent Glasgow derby.

Boyd added: “I’m mystified… I’m not mystified. John Beaton as though it was a pre-meditated decision not to give that penalty because it was so late in the game, I’m not sure.

“We’ve not played well, but once again a decision from a referee may cost us in this game, hopefully we’ll go on and beat not the 10 men, not the 11 men of Dunfermline, but the 12 men.”

Celtic’s opening goal on Saturday against Dunfermline. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

John Hartson backing up Tom Boyd ref claims

In a recent tweet which mentions Boyd, Hartson is using his own experience to re-emphasise the claim.

Hartson said “Been there, seen it, done it” in reference to poor refereeing.

The Welshman is someone who has played in many controversial games for Celtic.

John Hartson in action for Celtic at Ibrox. (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

Famously, a fantastic goal away at Ibrox was chopped off for offside when he was clearly on.

Everyone bar the officials on the park saw the striker in front of the last defender.

Hartson may be the start of a whole host of Celtic men about to speak up.

Until then, Boyd is going to have the backing of the Celtic support if a bizarre SFA charge comes to be.