Journalist sheds promising light on Eddie Howe to Celtic status

By David Walton

May 6, 2021

Eddie Howe to Celtic is a matter of when and not if, according to Daily Record journalist Keith Jackson.

Celtic fans’ agitation is growing at the prolonged length of time it’s taking to get a deal over the line. With the Champions League qualifiers coming up in two months, work on the rebuild needs to start immediately.

Of course it doesn’t help that Celtic still have two games remaining in the current season. John Kennedy will have the opportunity to see out the season, with Celtic not appearing any closer to appointing Howe than they were last week.

However, speaking about the situation in a feature for the Daily Record, Jackson claims there’s no debate whether it will be Howe anymore.

“That those closest to these confidential conversations appear to be entirely relaxed about what happens next, also suggests not only that some sort of action plan has been thrashed out and agreed but that it is already being put into practice well out of public view.

“The smart money remains heavily stacked on Eddie Howe’s eventual appointment as Lennon’s permanent replacement. The informed word is, it’s only a matter of when Desmond lands his top target as opposed to if.

“That does not explain why Howe has held off for so long.”

Difficult to see why Eddie Howe to Celtic continues to stall

The time to appoint Howe is now. Celtic’s season is unofficially over and the work ahead of next season must begin immediately if it hasn’t already started.

Forget the fact we have two games remaining. Kennedy can still take the upcoming matches against St Johnstone and Hibernian – it doesn’t truly matter. There’s still nothing stopping Celtic from making their Howe announcement and beginning the planning for next season.

It’s difficult to see why this deal continues to stall. If the Celtic fans were informed of Howe’s official appointment, it would put a lot of us at ease. At least then we would know that the club’s plan is now and place. At the very least, it would allow us to focus mainly on the sporting director next.

Eddie Howe with fans / (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)

This week is the week in which Celtic should have informed Howe they would be pressing forward with an announcement. The reason being that it was the best time for the football club. It doesn’t matter whether it was a good time for the incoming manager – he should be dancing to the club’s tune and not the other way around.

But here we are. The week is nearly over and still no announcement. Supporters continue to be left sulking with nothing left to play for this season too.

We don’t doubt for a moment that there is plenty of planning going ahead at the football club. But so long as nothing substantial is announced, it’s difficult to get excited.

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