Kris Boyd forgets Celtic signed actual Premier League winners in embarrassing Sky comments

By Euan Davidson

February 1, 2022

Listen; deconstructing Kris Boyd comments about Celtic or Rangers is often not worth it, but his latest rant about former Premier League midfielder Aaron Ramsey needs checked.

The former Rangers striker has applauded the Ibrox club’s loan signing of Aaron Ramsey. He’s quite entitled to do so; for our rivals, it’s a big move to make. It’s certainly not something that any of us would’ve seen coming.

However, typically, Boyd has been incredibly forgetful in his latest comments, when he said the signing was the biggest for Scottish football since Paul Gascoigne joined Rangers in 1995.

Photo by Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Speaking on Sky Sports, Boyd said: “You’ve got to say it’s a fantastic signing, not just for Rangers Football Club, but for Scottish football as a whole.

“When you really think about it, probably the arrival of Paul Gascoigne or something like that was the last big time when you thought “woah, there’s a proper football player arrived in Scottish football.” And that’s exactly what Aaron Ramsey is.”

Again, we’re not saying it isn’t a significant move by Rangers, if you like. Nor are we “rattled” by another “classic” Kris Boyd moment or anything like that. I genuinely think he means this. That’s despite Celtic signing Roy Keane, a Champions League and seven-time Premier League winner in 2005. He’d win a double with the Hoops in just half a season.

Or even more recently, Joe Hart came to Celtic and has been superb. With 75 caps for England and two Premier League medals, it’s a shame he’s not a “proper football player” like Ramsey.

Excitement is understandable. Hilariously out-of-touch hyperbole, though? Not so much.

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Kris Boyd and Rangers pundits getting carried away over Aaron Ramsey plays into Celtic hands

Odd, odd stuff, this.

Before it’s forgotten; Juninho had won a World Cup by the time he was at Celtic.

It’s also a pretty insulting remark to all the players Kris Boyd was at Rangers alongside, clearly none of them “proper football players” either. Not that it bothers us, but it’s funny to imagine the texts Boyd is getting from Kirk Broadfoot and the like.

There’s no doubt Ramsey is a good player but… really? We’re going to completely ignore every major transfer in Scottish football since then? Leaving aside the fact it’s a loan signing?

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

If our rivals are going to throw all their eggs into this particular basket then so be it. Celtic have been down the Premier League marquee signing route before. The difference is, if you really want to do this, we’ve signed actual Premier League winners. Roy Keane was a statement signing, and it worked.

Joe Hart, though it’s been a while, is still a player with Premier League medals to his name.

It’s just nonsense. And while humouring Boyd at all can seem like a pointless exercise, it just shows how carried away our rivals are getting. Not only that, it’s pretty disrespectful to the league as a whole, that we’re defining ourselves based on these kinds of signings.

Especially when it’s a guy so involved in broadcasting the Scottish game, too.

League titles aren’t won by one person, no matter how good they are. Yet, in the run-up to tomorrow, it’s essentially all we’re going to hear. Whatever; works for us.

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