Kris Boyd and Kris Commons comments are farcical

By David Walton

September 25, 2018

Kris Boyd and Kris Commons have certainly been enjoying themselves this week.

Celtic lost 2-1 to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park on Sunday, which is Boyd’s current side. The defeat piled on the misery as Celtic have now endured their worst start to a season since 1998/99.

It was a dreadful contest and the players never looked up for it. This is something the supporters have gotten used to in recent weeks given the low standard of performance being put in.

Celtic could very easily have taken control at Rugby Park on another day (Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

Yet, both Boyd and Commons have both stated that the club is suffering from a dressing room split. Former Celt Commmons gave his piece on the Sky Sports show that hosted the game.

“Things aren’t right in that dressing room at the minute. It’s not like Celtic have got all these influential players in the final third that’s going to be creating so many chances.”

Boyd was next to stick the boot in the next day, giving his words to BBC Scotland.

“You only have to look at their performances. Are they really that bothered to be playing in a Celtic jersey right now? Not for me.

“I know there was a meeting after the Champions League exit. And, when you look at that, there is a divide in the dressing-room, there is no doubt about it. It was quite clear.”

Dangerous accusations

These are dangerous accusations for Boyd to make. Where on earth is the evidence that a dressing-room divide has transpired? Celtic have been poor in recent weeks, and players aren’t clicking properly. But this is an example of someone adding two plus two and getting five.

Nobody could watch the Celtic game at Kilmarnock and confidently say certain players aren’t playing for other players. It’s nonsensical and based on nothing other than poor performances.

Kilmarnock man Boyd also stated that Celtic had a meeting after their Champions League exit? If someone could enlighten us as to how that’s an unusual thing to do then go ahead. If you don’t reach a target at work, chances are your boss will have a word with you. He’ll look to give you a slap on the wrist and try to make sure you stay motivated.

Brendan Rodgers will have spoken to his players after the Champions League exit to motivate them (Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

That’s most likely all the meeting was about. To speculate any further is trying to look for something that isn’t there.

What will really disappoint Celtic fans however is Commons also taking that narrative. He has been in a Brendan Rodgers dressing-room before, so he has more credibility with his comments than Boyd.

Yet, again it goes back to the evidence regarding a dressing-room bust-up. Of course, as it turns out, there hasn’t been a single modicum of it other than some poor results.

Other than the Dedryck Boyata fiasco earlier this season, Celtic haven’t had dressing-room problems. The players aren’t performing well, but to suggest it’s because of a dressing-room bust-up is just nonsense.

If Celtic beat St Johnstone, Aberdeen, and Red Bull Leipzig in their next three games, will those same murmerings be there? Of course they won’t.