Kris Commons left fuming with rival supporters; gets torn in after Celtic glass incident

By David Walton

April 4, 2022

Kris Commons has been left absolutely incandescent with rage at Rangers fans for the broken glass incident which shamed the Glasgow derby.

Celtic managed to take a big 2-1 win from Ibrox to all but wrap up the Scottish Premiership title. However, ugly scenes at half-time saw pieces of a smashed broken bottle halt the resumption of the game.

Rangers have announced today that they’re working with Police Scotland to identify the culprit. But it’s a bad look for the club with other missiles thrown at differing stages of the match.

Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

And Commons has highlighted the behaviour of Rangers supporters in the past as he got torn right into our rivals for their reputation. Speaking via his Daily Mail column, Commons said: “Scottish football’s premier fixture showcased its ugly underbelly. We’ve got Rangers fans to thank for that. Those missiles which pelted Joe Hart’s penalty box and a Celtic member of staff were quite obviously thrown from sections of the stadium housing home supporters.

“Rangers have simply got to find the culprits and ban them for life. Seriously, what sort of idiot goes to a football match and thinks it’s a good idea to throw bottles on to the pitch? Rangers fans can’t behave themselves at the best of times. They went down to Manchester in 2008 for the UEFA Cup final and caused mayhem. Then, after winning the title last year, they turned George Square into a riot zone. And these were supposed to be the good times?

“Rangers fans have a chip on their shoulders from the financial meltdown of 2012. They are very quick to play the victim card and seem to think the rest of the football world owes them a favour. Or that they can get away with blue murder and do whatever they please without any consequence.

Rangers 1-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

Rangers 1-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction
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“Now, admittedly, it would be wrong to tar them all with the same brush. But there is another element to a section of the Rangers support who are, frankly, a disgrace. They have absolutely no class whatsoever.”

Kris Commons doesn’t miss as he fumes at misbehaving Rangers supporters

Commons is 100% correct for bringing up the fact that you can’t tarnish an entire support with the same brush. We all know and come into contact with Rangers supporters in everyday life. People who are colleagues, friends, and even family. But he’s also right to point out there’s another element to the Ibrox support that consistently let their club down.

As mentioned above, the broken bottle wasn’t the only missile that was thrown onto the pitch yesterday. It was the worst. Jota appeared to have a coin thrown at him as he took a corner in the second half. The Celtic players then had to duck when celebrating with their own supporters at full-time as another missile came down from the home support.

It’s not the first time our players have come under that kind of behaviour from Rangers fans either. In the past, there have been batteries launched at Celtic players just to highlight one example.

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It’s something Rangers need to weed out. A difficult job no doubt, but it’s important they find who threw the bottle and ban them for life.

There needs to be a zero-tolerance approach to this kind of behaviour. We’re getting away with it here as players have fortunately avoided any serious injuries from it. But goodness knows what Hart could’ve suffered yesterday. It can’t be allowed to just fly under the radar.

It’s the ugly side to this fixture that we really want to get rid of. Rangers have to get their house in order here, regardless of how difficult that will be for them.

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