Kylian Mbappe copies Celtic star Moi Elyounoussi's phone check; nobody seems to care

By David Walton

November 12, 2020

Remember a week ago when Mohamed Elyounoussi was getting verbally attacked for checking the Milan-Lille score on his phone? Well, it’s clear that Kylian Mbappe likely didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Chris Sutton outrageously called Elyounoussi’s phone-check as “scandalous” and stated that he would fine him two weeks’ wages. However, this was only after BT Sport highlighted the incident and made it a bigger deal than it actually was.

And, to put the incident into perspective, France superstar Mbappe was doing the exact same during their 2-0 defeat to Finland last night. Despite not making the matchday squad, the PSG superstar started scrolling through his mobile while sitting on the bench. Remember, he’s still part of the France squad for their current international camp – he wasn’t a fan just turning up to watch the game.

Surprise surprise, nobody in the French media appears to care either. This simply wasn’t a big issue, and it shows how totally blown out of proportion the Elyounoussi saga was.

Elyounoussi was asked several questions in the resulting days about why he was on his phone by a media foaming at the mouth over it. The Celtic man consistently reassured fans that he was only looking at a goal alert from the Milan-Lille game (Daily Record).

However, Mbappe hasn’t had to deal with the same media backlash back in his homeland. He hasn’t had to come out and explain exactly what he was doing, and it’s not something that was covered or even put to France manager Didier Deschamps.

A total non-event

If anything it was an example of just how petty Scottish football its talking points can be, then it’s that.

Sure, the ones who defend its merit as some sort of scandal will say that last night’s game in France was just a friendly with Mbappe not featuring. But are we just drawing the line at where we feel like it now? You could easily counter that and say Celtic were already well beaten when Elyounoussi checked his own phone and he wasn’t going to play any further part.

Nah, the lack of interest in Mbappe’s phone check puts the Elyounoussi nonsense into a different light. He’s still part of France’s squad for the next week, so he had just as much responsibility as Elyounoussi did to remain invested in the game.

Kylian Mbappe on his mobile (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Funnily enough, the Celtic winger managed to bag a hat-trick just days after it against Motherwell. His commitment to the cause couldn’t be in question after what he produced in North Lanarkshire.

Of course, this doesn’t suggest that players can just whip their phones out when they feel like it. They should remain invested in the game. But they’re also grown men, and treating them like school children when they could have something private they need to check on their phone can surely be excused.

In other news, a Celtic star looks set for a disappointing snub after his international coach’s latest comments.