Lazio fans group hit out at "farcical" UEFA sentence

By Hamish Carton

October 17, 2019

A Lazio fans group has hit out what they call a “farcical” recent sentence dished out by UEFA.

The Serie A giants were fined around £17,000 and ordered to close part of their stadium for next month’s Europa League clash against Celtic following racist behaviour at the game against Rennes earlier this month.

Many felt the punishment was a little lenient if anything, with a full stadium closure one of the options UEFA could have pursued. However Lazio fans group Curva Nord have hit out at the sentence, saying that it gives Celtic a major advantage.

(Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Their spokesperson said: “It’s a farcical sentence because UEFA punish the weakest teams in these situations. Our club must accept this and once again, Lazio fans are paying the consequences.

“Against Celtic, they will have 10,000 fans in our stadium. Our players need the contribution of the Curva Nord. So UEFA have given Celtic a massive advantage.” (Scottish Sun)

Lazio fans are wrong to lash out at UEFA

The quote screams out inferiority complex. For Lazio to claim that they’re one of the weakest sides seems a bit ludicrous. They hail from one of the biggest leagues in Europe and will be well regarded as a result.

(Photo by Silvia Lore/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Their behaviour against Rennes was out of order and should be punished. The fact that the ultras end has been shut is fitting as that was where the majority of the behaviour was alleged to have come from.

Whether the decision gives Celtic a massive advantage or not is immaterial. The main thing is that they were punished for unacceptable behaviour.