Lee Congerton’s departure had many people dancing with rejoice last week, only it didn’t prove to be true.

Instead, the rumours turned out to be false that the Englishman had left the club. That didn’t stop supporters from giving some top reaction to the speculation on Twitter. 

Instead, Celtic’s Head of Recruitment is here to stay, with no official announcement regarding his departure forthcoming. But, in the grand scheme of things, just how long can Congerton truly ride this out for?

Marvin Compper was identified by Lee Congerton, but has been an expensive disaster (TF-Images/TF-Images via Getty Images)

Supporters may have been joking with some of their reaction to last week’s rumours. The truth is, however, that he’s slowly becoming a much-disliked figure with fans due to his ineffectiveness despite being on a high-wage.

He was apparently the instigator of the Marvin Compper deal. That alone should’ve got him the sack. But his role is to identify the players who fit the mould of what the manager wants.

Congerton has a massive part to play in Celtic’s current form

Considering Celtic are so light in reinforcements these days, the buck quite simply has to stop at Congerton’s door. Brendan Rodgers has plenty to answer for himself, given he was the one who wanted him at the club, but Congerton’s performance so far has been a disaster.

This January, a massive injection of strength is needed into this Celtic squad. Two strikers, one or potentially two centre-backs, and a new right-back is needed. Will Celtic deliver on all of those targets? You can probably put your house on them not doing so.

Celtic’s loss at Hibernian showed the lack of depth the Hoops have (Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

If they don’t, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be Congerton’s fault. He has to identify the players, then it’s down to Peter Lawwell to get the deals done if Rodgers gives it the go-ahead.

At the moment, however, you just can’t see Celtic’s recruitment supremo delivering on his job. It’s highly-debatable that he was the one who strongly helped get Celtic into this rut that they’re in.

The fans are close to the tipping point with the head scout. Another dire window with hardly any targets linked to the club, and he’ll be forced out before he can sign his resignation letter.

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