Leigh Griffiths has come out and vented his fury at the Scottish media, and he’s 100% correct to do so.

The Hoops striker has been on sabbatical over the last month due to mental health issues. After what’s been a difficult season due to injuries for the Scotland forward, the break will hopefully do the power of good for him.

Yet, since going on a break, several outlets have published articles speculating his issues. An unfair accusation in several pieces have given off the impression that Griffiths is taking a break due to a gambling addiction.

Griffiths, however, has been quick to get them told. The former Hibs goal machine posted a message on Twitter demanding that untrue stores are squashed.

Leave him alone and let him recover

The main thing that’s important here is that Griffiths gets the suitable time and space to recover. He’s been more active recently on social media, which is hopefully a positive sign in his bid to return to full health.

What’s disappointing, however, is that many in the media just refuse to give him that same space. Suggesting that he was out placing bets leads to a totally unfair perception of him, as one particular piece spouted recently.

Griffiths has scored over 100 goals for Celtic (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Griffiths has described some of the accusations and stories about him as “laughable”. Quite right too, as they’re built on no facts for a start.

More importantly, however, whose business is it as to what Griffiths is struggling with? As a human being, everyone is entitled to their own privacy when it comes to their health – particularly regarding mental health.

Nobody should want to know what particularly is causing Griffiths’ illness, and nobody is entitled to know either.

Hopefully, we soon see him back on the football pitch and doing what he does best – scoring goals. Until then, however, it’s time to leave the man alone and let him recover in peace.

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