Lennon's presser yesterday undermined Wednesday Celtic "apology"

By David Walton

January 19, 2021

Neil Lennon’s presser yesterday certainly took all Celtic fans aback.

Whether you were agreeing with him, furious with him, or just plain feeling sorry for him – we all had a strong emotion attached to it.

The Celtic boss vented his anger at everyone from the media to the Scottish Government (Glasgow Live). We all know what was said and what was meant by it too.

One of the most interesting aspects of all of this is how Celtic have behaved since the presser. They so often provide live coverage via Twitter updates when Lennon is speaking to the media. They then normally post the full video of the press conference on their YouTube page late that evening.

Celtic did neither yesterday. Now, why this would be the case is open for interpretation. Some will feel the club perhaps doesn’t want to convey Lennon’s comments as though he’s representing the views of the Hoops. That would be my bet too.

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Regardless, Lennon’s presser didn’t do anything for Celtic chief exec Peter Lawwell

But perhaps the most disastrous element of yesterday’s presser comes in the form of how it portrays Peter Lawwell.

Remember, it was only last Thursday night that Lawwell tried to apologise to supporters. He tried to open up and make it look as though the club was sorrowful for their decision to go to Dubai.

Granted, he didn’t do a great job of it. Four minutes or so of his interview was just him rambling on about how well-meaning the club was and how well it’s being run. In the end, it turned defensive.

The worst thing the club could’ve done from there was to send one of its employees out and watch him try and defend everything about Dubai. That’s what Lennon did. And it subsequently rules any apology made by the club last week irrelevant.

Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s clear from Lennon’s comments that he regrets nothing. That the club regrets nothing. It’s bad enough to have fans speculating whether that’s the case. However, allowing Lennon to actually go out there and be so defensive is like the club writing its own admission to it.

You can now dismiss everything Lawwell said last week. Because it’s been contradicted by Lennon this week. The club doesn’t seem to know what tone to put out to the supporters. Or perhaps they’re just as concerned with Lennon’s approach yesterday as we are.

It would be interesting to know if Lawwell and Lennon have had discussions since yesterday. But whatever the process was that resulted in that shambles, the club continues to dig itself an even deeper hole.

In other news, there was one notable absentee from Celtic’s training video today.