Lesser clubs are aiming lobs at Celtic with small-time antics; fans aren't fussed

By Euan Davidson

March 2, 2021

Celtic fans all know ‘The Celtic Song’ (or ‘Hail, Hail, the Celts are Here’). It’s full of some great lyrics, some absolute clunkers.

That is to say, however, that the fans’ own version is far superior. There’s no fat in there, nothing about “darn the hair” or other early 20th Century vernacular. My personal favourite bit is this [Celtic Wiki]:

“We don’t care what the animals say,
What the hell do we care,
For all we know,
Is that there’s going to be a show,
And the Glasgow Celtic will be there.”

As true now as when it was written. Yet, in a disappointing season, wee guys are feeling very emboldened. Little has gone right for Celtic this season. Given our utter dominance, you can’t help but feel it’s fair dues in some respects.

For example, plucky St Johnstone won the Betfred Cup at the weekend. Well done to them, hats off and so on. It’s the first time a club not called Celtic has won a domestic trophy since 2016. For the Perth side to be the first to break that monopoly will be a welcome achievement on the East Coast.

So, their #patter, driving past Celtic Park and saying “we’ve got your trophy” is tongue-in-cheek. There’s no malice there, not really. If there is, then what the hell do we care?

Is anyone in the Celtic support really losing sleep over what St Johnstone players do? I wouldn’t imagine so. A similar instance happened yesterday outside Celtic Park, with three – yes! – three Rangers supporters repurposing a bedsheet outside the biggest stadium in Scotland [Sun].

Apparently, we’re raging.

You think this lot care about 3 guys and a bedsheet? / (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Not even the angriest Celtic fans will care the slightest, sorry to disappoint

Imagine, for a second, that this elicited a response other than “haha, ok wee man”.

If anything, it’s funny. Their wee bedsheet, all dyed blue. Champions, no less! And outside our stadium. The audacity, the sheer gall. It’s heroic stuff, there’s no doubt.

Find me a Celtic supporter that cares in the slightest, though. Nobody is fussed. Honestly, nobody.

You could argue “well, you care, you’re writing about it!”, but the point I’m making is that the idea we’re in any way bothered is overhyped by about 100%.

Football clubs and their fans take digs at each other. That’s part and parcel, from Glasgow to Venezuela. Footballing rivalries exist. Are we that starved for entertainment that a few guys with some fabric is worth mentioning? Or that we should be furious that another club are delighted they’ve won a domestic cup?

It does our supporters an awful disservice to suggest that. But honestly, intimating that this will cause any more fuss than some “RFC” graffiti written on a lamppost is absolutely farcical.

After all, if anyone’s had their fun taunting opposition over the last 9 years, it’s us.

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