Levein bizarrely blames Celtic for Hearts relegation, calls shortened season "nonsense"

By Euan Davidson

November 27, 2020

Craig Levein has partially blamed Celtic for Hearts’ relegation to the Scottish Championship last year.

Hearts were “demoted” after a poor season was cut short by the COVID-19 epidemic, and the former Scotland, Hearts and Leicester City boss has pointed the finger of blame at Celtic.

Speaking to the Football Daft Podcast, Levein pulled precisely zero punches, even if they were wildly inaccurate.

This whole stuff last season with Hearts getting relegated was a nonsense, an absolute nonsense, and part of it was to do with Celtic getting the title so that they could try and break this record of nine-in-a-row.

I just can’t be bothered with it. For a while David Murray ran Scottish football and Rangers were calling all the shots and getting all the good publicity and now I think Celtic are doing exactly the same.

They call the shots with all the big decisions in Scotland and I think it’s really unfair. So I can’t be bothered with the nonsense.

Ehh… aye, ok Craig.

An example of SFA corruption, obviously (Photo by Alan Harvey / SNS Group via Getty Images)

Once again, off the mark

He makes a point; Celtic did contribute to Hearts being relegated, inasmuch as they were one of many teams to beat the Edinburgh side last season.

This is the same Craig Levein who was allowed by the SFA to play no strikers in a competitive fixture. Levein has received plenty of gifts from the Scottish Football authorities, so to blast them so comprehensively is a surprise.

But to make baseless claims that any kind of obsession on the SFA’s part to end the season in a manner benefitting Celtic is completely daft.

The table doesn’t lie, and while Celtic had a 13-point lead at the top, Hearts were hovering the exit. Celtic’s form in the latter half of the 19-20 has nothing to do with Hearts’ collapse.

A club the size of Hearts shouldn’t have been anywhere near relegation contention in the first place. Pointing fingers at the big clubs for no particular reason other than a personal dislike just comes off as the bitter rantings of a manager who’s watched the football world pass his style by.

It’s desperate, desperate stuff.