Lewis Morgan’s comments today on Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo are perhaps as ironic as they are true.

The left-winger stated today that he and his team-mates enjoy playing alongside him. They stated that he shows his quality every day in training, and that he’ll be a big asset to the club.

And it’s ironic considering Boli has so far failed to show that on the pitch. He consistently looks shaky on the ball, and seems to be suffering from a bit of a confidence crisis as he tries to get used to his new surroundings.


Boli struggled in Cluj last week (Alex Nicodim/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

But Morgan is absolutely spot on with what he says too. Here’s a refresher with regards to our left-winger’s comments in the Scottish Sun on Boli.

“Boli’s got something to offer. We see it every day in training. He’s talented and first and foremost he works hard for the team.

“He’s adapting to a new league and a new team and everybody has to remember that. We’ve got full confidence in him. I enjoy playing with him and so does Mikey Johnston. I’m sure he’s going to have a great season.

“It takes time to forge partnerships at new clubs. You saw with James Forrest’s goal where Boli made the underlap and I found him. Hopefully that’s something there can be more of because he’s an attacking full-back.”


So what makes Lewis Morgan’s comments true then?

So we’ve briefly touched on why Morgan’s comments were ironic. But what makes them true? It’s simple – look at the confidence his team-mates seem to have in him.

Boli has been receiving plenty of the ball, and not just because he’s the obvious man to play it to. Long diagonals, overlapping runs – the Hoops players want to give him possession and get him attacking the opposition.

Boli is clearly seen as a threat by his team-mates (Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Morgan’s comments aren’t simply to boost Boli’s confidence. It’s clear there is an enjoyment and trust there in Boli from his team-mates to get things right.

It’s obvious that Boli isn’t playing to the level he apparently is in training, but we have to trust him to get there eventually. Certain personalities and individuals adapt to life abroad quicker than others. Considering the cut-throat environment Boli has been thrown into, we can surely as Celtic fans give him that sometimes necessary time to get used to things.

Having the backing of his team-mates is key, and it’s clear he does if Morgan’s comments are anything to go by. That must provide him with some peace of mind with regards to how his colleagues view him.

Lewis Morgan has full faith in Boli to come good (Peter Fitzpatrick/Action Plus via Getty Images)

It’s only natural for some supporters to have concerns about Bolingoli, and his position in the team doesn’t help. For example, if Boli was playing up top, you could forgive him for a slow start. But because he’s playing in such a key position, any mistake can be costly.

Thankfully, Morgan’s words back up the actions of the Celtic players at the weekend – they trust Boli and know he’ll come good.

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