Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has Celtic supporters talking after hilarious press conference moment

By Euan Davidson

December 10, 2021

Jurgen Klopp has got Celtic fans talking after an air quotes moment involving Steven Gerrard and Rangers.

The Liverpool manager, addressing his side’s upcoming meeting with Gerrard’s new side Aston Villa, was asked about the kind of response the Reds legend will get as a manager.

Similarly, Klopp responded to questions about any advice he might’ve given the former Rangers boss when he was at Ibrox.

At 2.50, Klopp said [Sky Sports]: “I would give him advice but there’s no need for it.

“[At Aston Villa] he has a similar style to “Rangers” but obviously with different players. Really good players.

“It will be a tough challenge, but that’s the way Premier League football is.”

It’s certainly an interesting use of air quotes, here. While this isn’t something to be taken mega-seriously, it would be quite funny if German manager Jurgen Klopp was taking a pop at our rivals.

Of course, for context, the original Rangers were liquidated in 2012. Since then, Celtic fans have taken to referring to the club as “The Rangers” or a variation on the theme.

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Jurgen Klopp accidentally inserts hand in hornet’s nest to delight of Celtic supporters

It’s good fun, isn’t it?

Imagining big Jurgen as a secret Celtic fan is quite funny for some reason. We have a list of songs for him to sing in his broad Stuttgart accent.

Of course, it took no time for Celtic supporters to get in on the fun.

Photo by Shaun Brooks/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

CelticUnderground [@celticrumours] tweeted: “Klopp gets it. “Rangers”.

Alistair Cassidly [@AlistairCassidy] astutely decreed: “Klopp. Legend.”

Chris McDonagh [@CMcDBhoy] affirmed his belief that the Liverpool manager was indeed, at it: “”Rangers”….Klopp’s a Celt!”

Paul B [@p_bov1] said: “Tremendous. Klopp saying “rangers” with the visual sarcastic quotation marks.”

There were plenty more, variously describing Klopp as a “legend”. Because, of course!

Again; what Klopp actually meant by this is really anyone’s guess. If it was a dig at Rangers, fantastic. If not, and bearing (no pun intended) in mind that English is his second language, it’s still funny.

It’ll wind a few folk up regardless. And really, isn’t that the main thing?

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