Liverpool star expresses Celtic 10IAR hope to Jamie Carragher

By David Walton

January 14, 2021

Andy Robertson has never hidden his love for Celtic, and the Liverpool man has again shown it on Jamie Carragher’s podcast.

Robertson was released from the Celtic academy during his youth days. However, he picked himself up to have a stupendous career. Now, at 26, he’s a Premier League and Champions League winner. Not to mention the Scotland captain that led the nation to its first major tournament in 22 years.

Not a bad way to pick yourself up, eh? Anyway, he finds himself in a tricky situation expressing his love for the Hoops these days. Considering he’s at Anfield, there are plenty of a Liverpool persuasion who can’t see past Steven Gerrard. Carragher himself is one of them. Apparently, he used to be a Celtic fan before Gerrard went to Rangers, then he switched (Scottish Sun). Some fan he was.

Well, that certainly isn’t the case for Robertson. He’s been speaking on Carragher’s The Greatest Game podcast, and he expressed his desire for the Hoops to secure the 10.

“It’s a difficult situation isn’t it? You come into Liverpool’s training ground. He’s plastered all over the place, everyone loves him, everyone wants him to do well.

“I want him to do well .. but I’ve been brought up as a Celtic fan to not like anything to do with Rangers. Not quite (that he doesn’t like Gerrard), because I think he’ll end up here one day. All jokes aside, he’s done an unbelievable job up there, he’s closed the gap.

“He’s taken it to a new level this season and Celtic have struggled to keep up. I hope over the next six months Celtic close the gap and get to 10 In A Row because it would be historic – but it’s not looking too good just now.”

Andy Robertson like the rest of us; Celtic will have disappointed the Liverpool superstar

Yup Andy, we all feel that. We all hope that some crazy turn of events can win us our 10th consecutive league title. However, for many, the title race is over and it’s all about how we win back our crown immediately next year.

That’s hard to think about for some, but it holds merit. The loss of 10-in-a-row won’t see Celtic cease to exist. There’s life beyond it, and ensuring we don’t allow Rangers to become Scottish football’s dominant force is monumental. Making this a one-off is massively important.

Robertson probably feels this way too. He’ll know the league is all but done but credit to him for trying to stand up for the Bhoys. That must be difficult to do in an environment where Gerrard is idolised.

Andy Robertson has never hidden his love for Celtic despite his Gerrard-loving Liverpool environment (Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Should Rangers win the league there’ll likely be tributes and celebrations going on down there by some. Liverpool’s Twitter account will likely post some cheesy video from Jurgen Klopp calling him the best thing since sliced bread and all the rest of it. Sickening from a Celtic perspective, but we’ve done this ourselves.

Of course, Robbo hasn’t been the only one in the Liverpool dressing room to show his feelings towards Celtic either. Virgil van Dijk was quick to praise us after our record-equalling nine-in-a-row success.

Unfortunately, only a miracle will see us add to that title tally come the end of the season.

In other news, St Mirren reportedly planned to use a Celtic saga as their defence at a Hampden hearing today.