Livingston boss urges Celtic to give Ange Postecoglou his own coaching staff

By David Walton

September 21, 2021

Livingston manager David Martindale watched the Celtic coaching staff closely on Sunday, and believes Ange Postecoglou needs to recruit his own backroom team.

Postecoglou arrived at the club in June in a shock move. However, fans raised an eyebrow when it became clear he wasn’t bringing in any new coaching staff. Instead, John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan have taken their regular places as assistant and first-team coach respectively.

In the past, Postecoglou has admitted that there are gaps in the setup he wants to fill. It’s unclear whether he would want a new assistant coach.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

But Martindale believes getting his own men in is essential after getting his first look at Ange up close.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, the Livi boss said: “I feel for Ange a bit. I watched how he went about his business, and it must be a tough job when you’re over here doing it yourself. If I was in Australia and I didn’t have my own staff, I don’t want to go into the politics of it all, it would be a tough gig.

“From a coaching point of view it would be a really tough shift. I’m not saying there are bad relationships, and it’s none of my business anyway. But it must be difficult when you’re inheriting not just a coaching staff, but a full backroom.

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“I’ve no doubt Ange will have a great relationship with John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan. They will trust one another, but that’s totally different to someone you’ve maybe worked with in the past, or played with previously or is a friend. Watching Ange, I felt he could do with bringing in his own coaching staff, and I don’t mean anything against John and Gavin.”

Livingston boss makes good point, but only Ange Postecoglou will know what he needs from Celtic

It’s difficult to go too all in on the fact Postecoglou hasn’t brought any of his own coaches to Celtic. After all, only the manager himself will know what he definitely needs as part of his Parkhead setup.

But fans are right to question why key hires haven’t been made in some big positions at the football club. Nick Hammond left as Head of Recruitment and hasn’t been replaced. The same goes for Head of Sports Science Jack Nayler.

What’s concerning is that the manager has stressed the need to fill major gaps in the backroom team. Yet here we are weeks down the line and there appears to be no progress on that front.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

If this is a genuine problem for Postecoglou, you would imagine he’ll be taking it up with the Parkhead boardroom. From the outside, meanwhile, it’s genuinely baffling as to why he doesn’t have a trusted number two or team behind him.

Even if he absolutely adores the likes of Kennedy and Strachan, that doesn’t really matter. He’s coming into a new country, a new footballing environment, and with nobody who was part of his previous successes by his side. It doesn’t feel as though this is standard practice for a new boss.

We’ll see what the coming weeks bring. Maybe this is an issue Celtic are about to tackle seriously. But even if we do, you have to wonder why it’s taking so long to get over the line.

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