Long-term transfer window would be chaotic for Celtic's 10-in-a-row chase

By David Walton

March 25, 2020

As we continue to face constant uncertainty surrounding the future of football, the Daily Mirror has reported that the EFL have come up with a worrying idea.

The Mirror has reported that EFL clubs in England have been discussing potentially extending the summer transfer window until January of next year.

This comes despite UEFA insistent that leagues finish up around Europe until June 30th (Daily Record). It also comes despite there being no reported delay in next season’s calendar as of yet.

Football in Scotland has come to a stop (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The summer transfer window regularly opens in June and runs until the end of August/start of September. However, if the EFL present this idea to FIFA and we were to go down that route, that would be chaotic for Celtic and at a time when we really don’t need that kind of madness.

Football clubs are all bound by FIFA rules regarding transfer windows. However, a FIFA spokesman told the Mirror they’ll consult football associations to see how they feel about what to do with the summer window. Football’s governing body has also set up a Working Group to look at options, the Mirror reports.

Long-term transfer window? No thanks

However, this just isn’t what Celtic need in what could be the most important season in our history. Assuming we either play our way to the title or get awarded it as it stands, Celtic will be going for 10-in-a-row next season.

Yet for the first half of it, we’ll have a transfer window open throughout our fixture card. That opens up far too much uncertainty regarding players’ futures at a time when they should be focusing on their football.

For example, we could be in the middle of November and ticking along nicely, only for a club to table a mega offer for Odsonne Edouard out of nowhere and all of a sudden we’re rocked. The player may want to go and make things difficult for the club at a time in the season when it should be all about games instead of transfers. Good luck finding a solid replacement so late in the window and after a campaign has started.

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The worst part of the campaign for stability is the start of the season. Having the window open for a few weeks is never great, with managers constantly having to deal with speculation over their players’ futures whilst focusing on matches at the same time. The 10-in-a-row campaign will be stressful enough without a nonsensical long window kicking in.

Isn’t the entire idea of things ending before July to make sure there’s no impact on next season? This potential rule would go against that.

Here’s hoping nothing like this comes into place. The summer transfer window should be a couple of months and a couple of months only. Anything longer is a woeful idea for clubs’ stability.