"Look like they are scared of big Ange"; Celtic hero Chris Sutton blasts rivals

By Euan Davidson

August 20, 2021

Celtic hero Chris Sutton has blasted Rangers after another series of confusing ticketing decisions.

In the last hour, 67 Hail Hail found out that the Bhoys had been sent tickets for an away allocation at Ibrox next week. However, the tickets have been cancelled, due to Rangers sulking about capacity guarantees for the Celtic Park return in January.

It’s all rather pathetic, and Chris Sutton has, of course, had a dig at our rivals.

The goalscoring Hoops hero wrote on Twitter:

“Rangers look like they’re scared of Big Ange already”. Delightful stuff from our favourite wind-up merchant. He’s right, too, and fear of Celtic has been a running theme in Paisley Road West.

When the Bhoys were rampant under Brendan Rodgers, the Gers cut the Celtic allocation at Ibrox from 7,000 to just 800 [BBC]. Despite their unbeaten season, they still deem it suitable to play daft over ticket allocations.

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Joe Hart is the new leader Celtic have been waiting for

Joe Hart is the new leader Celtic have been waiting for
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

There isn’t really much Celtic can do about Covid-19 protocols, and they don’t have a crystal ball. How were the club meant to make guarantees on a game in January? It really is dire stuff, and Sutton is right to call it out.

Hilarious Chris Sutton riposte will delight Celtic supporters baffled by Rangers’ pettiness

Sutton is right, of course. Supporters make these games. They’re nothing without fans in the stands, and we saw ample evidence of that last season. They just are not the same.

Whether or not Rangers are indeed scared of Big Ange is something for you to decide, reader. However, the form Celtic are in really ought to worry Steven Gerrard and co, ahead of next week’s Ibrox clash.

They should know, too, that Celtic winning at Ibrox without any fans there only makes it a more embarrassing prospect for our rivals.

We’ll see how that one goes.

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