McInnes bizarrely remembers "umpteen chances" for Aberdeen at Celtic Park

By David Walton

February 28, 2021

Surprise surprise, Derek McInnes appears to have watched a different game at Celtic Park yesterday after yet another Aberdeen defeat.

Once again, his Dons side came to Glasgow and were driven out of town with nothing to show for their efforts. Indeed, Odsonne Edouard’s deflected goal gave John Kennedy the win his side deserved for a dominant showing.

Aberdeen managed to provide a few scares from cross-balls throughout the contest. Ash Taylor clipped the crossbar and forced Scott Bain into a decent stop early on. But after that, it was half-chances and not a lot else as McInnes’ side failed to breach the Celtic defence.

But that’s clearly not the way the Dons boss seen it. In fact, going by his account of the game, you would think they had us on the ropes.

Speaking to Aberdeen’s official social media accounts post-match, McInnes said: “We’re frustrated that we’ve not made more of the opportunities created. We started the game really bright, full of confidence and we should get ourselves in front. We lose such a lucky goal from their point of view which shouldn’t happen. It’s the kind of thing we’re not getting.

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“It took until the last 10 minutes before half-time before we kind of found our way again. Second half we just went for it, put three up the top and went man-for-man. The deflected goal aside, Joe (Lewis) has had nothing to do. The most touches of the ball from Celtic players were from Welsh and Brown. It wasn’t Christie/Edouard and these forward-thinking players. We curtailed that.

“Second half we went for it. It leaves that element of risk but my defenders were outstanding. Just annoyed we haven’t taken anything from the game. We’ve also got to take ownership for that – we’ve got to get the ball over the line. Although we had umpteen chances, we’re disappointed that we haven’t managed to get something from the game.”

Derek McInnes watched a different game; Aberdeen offered nothing but a long ball at Celtic Park

It’s difficult to really know what match McInnes was watching. It certainly sounded like a nail-biter for Celtic fans. The truth is the majority of us were probably half asleep when the full-time whistle went. The other half will have been in a deep one.

But what McInnes is stating here is just simply inaccurate. He says Brown and Welsh had the most touches of the ball. Whilst it’s standard for defensive players to have the most touches given Celtic’s style of play, the man with the most touches was Callum McGregor with 106. Behind him was indeed Brown on 15 [WhoScored].

Surely, if anything, the above shows you just how dominant the Celtic midfield actually was. Aberdeen had 39% possession all afternoon with Bain only having one real save of note to make [BBC]. Everything else was comfortable for the former Dundee stopper. So those “umpteen chances” are difficult to remember.

Derek McInnes failed against Celtic once again (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And finally, he touches on how Celtic’s attacking players didn’t see the ball as much as our defensive players. Well, he’s right, but to a point. Welsh had 79 touches, which was indeed higher than many attacking players. But not by much. Turnbull managed 78 touches whilst Christie ended the match with 75. Turnbull went off with 12 minutes to go too.

Celtic were nothing special yesterday. We all know that. We haven’t been anything special all season. But please spare us this idea that it was because Aberdeen managed so many aspects of the game well.

Once again, we were at a low ebb with Aberdeen failing to get the job done. They won’t have a better chance to win at Celtic Park than they have had over the last 10 days. McInnes has failed on both occasions.

In other news, Scott Bain has revealed how long the Celtic squad expected Neil Lennon to be in charge for.