Michael Stewart defends Celtic captain Scott Brown

By John Reid

December 21, 2019

BBC Scotland pundit Michael Stewart has come to the defence of Celtic captain Scott Brown after he found himself bizarrely criticised by an opponent.

Hearts’ Loic Damour claimed to the Evening News that Brown was acting like a ‘referee on the pitch’ in the recent game between the teams.

However, Stewart does not believe that is the case, and claimed that the Hearts man was talking ‘nonsense’.

“Damour…tried to claim the ex-Scotland captain ‘is the referee on the pitch’. Nonsense” Stewart said, writing in his column in the Scottish Sun.

“I don’t think he does”

(Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

“Does Brown get away with stuff that others don’t? I don’t think he does. Does he get more leeway than your average guy who has just turned up in the league? Perhaps. But that’s just human nature. It happens in every walk of life” Stewart concluded.

It is good to see Stewart sticking up for a player who is at times unfairly criticised. Brown likes to make a challenge, and of course he does, he is a combative central midfielder. He is no doubt constantly talking to the referee as he is Celtic’s captain.

That does not mean that he referees the game or gets away with things that other players do not. That is what made Damour’s comments odd. It is not like Brown was involved in any controversial incidents at Tynecastle.

Player won’t take notice of comments

(Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

It is unlikely that Brown will even take any notice of the comments. He is too busy leading Celtic to success. Most recently in the Betfred Cup Final.

He won’t change his style of play for anyone, it has brought him massive success in his time as Celtic captain. Neil Lennon won’t want Brown to either, as he is still the man who makes Celtic tick, even as he comes towards the end of his career. Hopefully he leads the Hoops to more success in the weeks and months to come.