Moravcik's theory on why Edouard should stay at Celtic for another year

By David Walton

May 4, 2021

Hoops great Lubomir Moravcik has put forward an interesting theory on why Odsonne Edouard should stay at Celtic this summer.

The Frenchman’s contract will be into its final year next season. Therefore, this is the last chance Celtic have to bag considerable money for the striker.

Unfortunately, Edouard has struggled to impress for the vast majority of the season. He does have 21 goals and six assists for the season, but we’ve come to expect so much more from him [Transfermarkt]. His struggles have led to plenty of accusations regarding whether he’s tried enough to impress this season.

But even though a move seems inevitable at this stage, Moravcik believes Odsonne should be waiting until he manages to bag an impressive campaign. That, he claims, will boost his chances of regular minutes elsewhere.

Speaking on the Celtic Huddle Podcast today, Lubo said: “I’m not sure this is the moment to move. I think it is better to move after a better season with Celtic.

“This season wasn’t really the best for him because he was injured for a couple of games. As a fan from afar, I watched him this season and it’s not the best time for him to move, in my opinion. If you move to an English club you need to play. It’s not a good decision to move and sit on the bench.

“He’s still young, he doesn’t need to rush a move to England or another league. For me, it would be better for him to stay another season and try to have a better season than the last. It’s normal, it’s good politics for the club to sign the players and sell them for money. I don’t know how he’s feeling personally in this situation, if he wants to stay or if he wants to move. It’s about having a discussion with the club.”

Moravcik puts forward plausible theory; but don’t expect Edouard to stay at Celtic

You can see the thinking behind this from Lubo, and he makes a great point. Edouard is hardly held in the highest regard by Celtic supporters anymore. This is down to his performance levels alone, and clubs will know that.

Therefore, he can hardly march anywhere just now and demand regular minutes. He’s been in poor form for a long time, and would surely be best placed to try something knew after a more promising campaign under his belt.

But at the same time, no club would sign him with a view to shoving him on the bench every week. The club that snaps Edouard up will be buying him to make an impact in their first team. That’s regardless of what kind of campaign he’s had this season. The fact he’s still bagged over 20 goals helps him too.

Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Another problem you have is that in order for Edouard to stay another year, he has to sign a new deal. Otherwise he would leave on a free contract next summer. That’s not something we can entertain, not for someone of his value. Even after a poor season, he’s still our most sellable asset. We need to finance the rebuild from somewhere.

It remains to be seen what kind of fee we manage to bag for the France under-21 international. But let’s not kid ourselves, he won’t be thinking about anything other than bagging his move this summer.

It’s an interesting theory as to why he should stay, and one he should consider. Will he take Lubo’s advice, however? Fat chance.

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