Let’s get one thing clear from the start – Celtic need to be extremely wary of Munas Dabbur on Thursday night.

We at 67HailHail are very conscious of creating a rod for our own backs. Therefore, we understand how good a player Salzburg’s Dabbur truly is despite his recent stats.

Yesterday, we put out a piece on how Red Bull’s stats this season are frightening. Failing to lose a game this season and a terrific clean-sheet run are just a couple of their achievements this term.

Munas Dabbur will be Salzburg’s main man on Thursday night (Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

Dabbur has been central to that with 19 goals in 28 matches. Two of those strikes came against Celtic. Therefore, he’s a danger and has to be watched on a pitch as glorious as Celtic Park.

But recently, Dabbur hasn’t been hitting the heights everyone has expected of him.

He’s managed to rattle home just three goals in his last nine matches. Two of those goals came for Israel against Guatemala. Not that we believe those don’t count….but it was Guatemala.

Salzburg’s stats remain mightily mpressive

Salzburg have been rampant all over the pitch, and out of their last 17 goals, Dabbur has only bagged one of them. This is perhaps more of a positive reflection on Red Bull than it is a poor one on Dabbur. He’s only manage six assists this season also and whilst that’s hardly a disgrace, it’s also hardly world-class either.

Dabbur has also been crticised by those in homeland for failing to make an impact for his country.

Dabbur netted twice against Celtic in Austria (Michael Molzar/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

He was famously outshone by James Forrest last month as Scotland sealed their Nations League group with a 3-1 success against Israel. In that contest, Dabbur did absolutely nothing as he was easily frustrated by Scotland’s centre-backs.

Of course, that’s not to say he’s going to be quiet at Celtic Park. The fact is that if he’s given a big chance at Parkhead, the chances are that he’ll take it.

What these stats should provide, however, is some solace and a reminder that Celtic aren’t coming up against Lionel Messi on Thursday night.

Dabbur is a class act, but let’s not pretend Celtic can’t keep him quiet.

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