Murdo MacLeod left fizzing with Celtic's declining standards

By David Walton

April 29, 2021

Celtic great Murdo MacLeod has highlighted the ridiculous decline of our football club over the last 12 months.

The Hoops have just gone through the most disastrous campaign since perhaps even the 90s. We’ve lost the league by 20+ points, were bundled out of both cups before Hampden, and put in the weakest of weak displays in the Europa League to finish bottom of the group.

That’s not taking into account the off-field issues. Fan apathy is at its peak whilst the board have continuously ignored some of the supporter’s most pressing concern. Neil Lennon left the club too late for a title bid to be revived, whilst Kennedy has failed to impress as an interim boss.

And MacLeod can’t believe the absolute state we’re in as a monumental rebuild awaits us over the summer. As quoted by the Daily Record, Murdo said the following:

“For Celtic to have won nine-in-a-row and then ending up 20 points behind Rangers just isn’t right. That should never happen in football unless there are big problems somewhere.

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“Celtic have regressed big time, both in ability and in attitude for the entire season. You could see after the first six or seven games that it all started to dwindle away. Rangers look like a team, they have all fought for one another. Celtic have made mistake after mistake at the back, struggled in midfield and missed chances in attack.

“How much work needs to be done this summer? A lot. They need to bring in players to make them better. The lack of quality from 2018 to now is telling. When you are winning 5-0 it shows you have a proper team – but when you’re 20 points behind it tells you that you don’t.”

Murdo MacLeod spot on; so many symptoms that have made Celtic’s campaign a total disaster

It’s not one thing that has made Celtic such a poor side this season.

Some will point to the idea that the players who are likely to leave this summer aren’t trying. Others will claim it’s been down to Scott Brown continuously being selected despite having a poor campaign. Then you’ll have the group who believe recruitment has been the main issue. Perhaps the board’s lack of action when the season could’ve been saved.

But the truth is it’s not one individual symptom that’s cost us this season. It’s instead the culmination of all of them put together. A case of everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. And Celtic have suffered in the most dramatic fashion because of it.

New signings such as Albian Ajeti have toiled / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Now, our only focus is on the rebuild and where we could potentially find ourselves next season. Promisingly, this isn’t the only time over the last decade in which the club has needed an overhaul.

Neil Lennon took over from the disastrous Tony Mowbray regime and came within touching distance of the title. In fact, over Lennon’s first four years at Celtic, he brought in 42 players and managed to build a last-16 Champions League outfit.

The principal point being that a major overhaul doesn’t equate to a lack of success. This isn’t an impossible feat to pull off. It’s been proven in the past that you can bring in 10 players to the club and have a successful camapign.

Hopefully, that proves to be the case this summer.

In other news, Ismaila Soro has already identified the team he wants to join after Celtic.