Neil Lennon hopes Celtic would be considered for European Super League; but it doesn't look likely

By David Walton

October 21, 2020

Neil Lennon gave a brief response to questions on the proposed European Super League today, and stated that he hopes Celtic would fit the criteria.

Sky News broke a story yesterday stating that Fifa had backed a new $6billion idea to create a European league, with clubs from England, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain in negotiations to be founding members of the competition.

Sky reported that the new format is expected to comprise of 18 teams, and would be played during the regular European calendar. The top placed teams would then go into a playoff contest with each other to determine the winner.

Yet Lennon believes that if there are talks for a blockbuster new European competition, Celtic should be considered for a position. Speaking at his media conference today published on Celtic TV, Lennon touched briefly on the idea:

“It’s an interesting concept. I know the story emerged yesterday.

“You would hope that in some way we would fit the criteria and be a part of that. But I think we’re a long way off even considering that at the minute.”

A competition for the rich and not one for tradition

Unfortunately, there’s a real hint in the early stages that suggests we’ll be nowhere near this tournament – the fact that only 18 teams are being considered.

Considering the top leagues in Europe get four Champions League spots – you have to imagine it’ll be those clubs who are given first dibs on a shot at a new premium competition.

You then have plenty of other clubs behind those such as Ajax, Club Brugge, Zenit etc who would all expect to be given a chance as current Champions League participants. It’s difficult to see why the orgnaisers would come to Celtic given how finance-focused football is now.

FIFA is said to be backing a new European Super League (Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)

Don’t get us wrong, it would be terrific. The opportunity to go up against the best Europe has to offer and give some of them a bloody nose or two would be every Celtic fan’s dream. Playing the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern Munich etc is exactly where Celtic want to be in the long-run.

But it’s pretty clear early on that there isn’t going to be a place for us here. Not at this moment in time. Perhaps it will develop into a more open competition, but you just know how this is going to go.

The PSGs, the Barcelonas, the Man Citys will all be there. This will be a competition for the rich – not those glossed with tradition only. We’ll be too busy needing to play about 12 qualifying rounds for the Champions League.

In other news, Massimo Donati has highlighted an aspect of the Celtic-Milan game that is “not nice”.