Neil Lennon revisits Ferencvaros rant; suggests wantaway Celtic stars are money grabbing

By John McGinley

January 31, 2021

Neil Lennon pulled no punches in the comments given to print press after the Celtic defeat to St Mirren, revisiting his Ferencvaros rant.

If there was any doubt that there is a problem between the manager and his players heading into the fixture, there’s absolutely none now.

Lennon sounds at the end of his tether with his dressing room and, I’m sure, the feeling is mutual.

Certainly, if players are paying attention to what’s being said in the media, they won’t be happy today.

The Celtic boss has revisited his infamous post-Ferencvaros media interview, telling reporters that nothing has changed from that night.

Going further, he’s now suggested money, not ambition, is the root cause of players’ exit dreams.

Lennon told The Scottish Mail on Sunday (31/01 print edition, page 155): “I think I made that clear after the Ferencvaros game and I don’t think things have changed that much since then.

“The disparity in what we can pay and what these big clubs in the UK and Europe can pay has grown.

“The excitement that Celtic brings, the chance to win trophies and compete in Europe in front of a passionate crowd is something other clubs cannot offer, but sometimes money talks and these guys want to go.

“I am not convinced, all the time, that they progress their careers, but certainly they might be financially better off.”

Neil Lennon is further alienating Celtic players

All the Celtic manager is doing right now is burning bridges.

There’s no desire to inspire unity, take accountability or best serve Celtic moving forward.

His comments in the press are becoming more and more desperate. If he’s not angrily fighting against the institutions of media and government in his press conference, he’s taking aim at the employees he’s responsible for.

Neil Lennon still won’t reconsider Celtic future / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s not acceptable.

It’s 4 pm on the Sunday after the St Mirren defeat and yet still Celtic have not taken action.

What more proof do the club need to see before cutting ties with a man who has lost control of the situation? Take action now.

In other news, Neil Lennon has also called the players’ professionalism into question.