Neil Lennon unsure if he will discuss notorious Celtic loss with current side

By John Reid

February 8, 2020

Neil Lennon return to Clyde on Scottish Cup business on Sunday for the first time since Celtic’s notorious 2-1 loss to the same team in the same competition in 2006, and the Hoops boss is unsure if he will bring up that defeat to the current side, the Daily Record reports.

As yet Lennon has not talked about that loss with the current Celtic team that he manages, however, he has indicated that he may mention it ahead of the game, but he is erring towards not mentioning it at the moment.

“I might bring it up”

“I’ve not mentioned that game to the players. It was years ago. I might bring it up but the way we are playing with the confidence we are showing I don’t think it’s really necessary” he said, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“But it’s realistic that it can happen now and again. I certainly don’t want it to happen to me as a manager. I lost against Morton in the League Cup and that was a sore one to take.”

Celtic face Clyde in 2006 / (Photo by GLENN CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images)

Postecoglou hints at big week of Celtic announcements

It will be interesting to see if the Hoops boss decides to mention what was a bad day for Celtic to the current Hoops side.

Perhaps the loss to Morton which Lennon mentions is one that should be discussed instead. After all, he was the manager of Celtic when the Hoops lost 1-0 in a League Cup game in 2013.

That defeat must still annoy the Celtic boss, as he called it ‘a sore one’.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

Team will need to take chances

What Lennon could tell the Celtic players is to take their chances, as when they lost to Morton they failed to take any of the numerous chances that were created.

Should Celtic be able to take the chances they inevitably create in the game then any chance of an upset will be gone, and the Hoops will book their place in the draw for the Scottish Cup quarter-final.