New Celtic CEO Dom McKay already has the Scottish media rattled

By David Walton

June 28, 2021

New Celtic CEO Dom McKay appears to have already rattled the Scottish media after choosing to engage with fan-led outlets.

I can’t for the life of me let go of what was written in the Daily Record this morning. Journalist Keith Jackson touched on the fan-media event led by Celtic when they announced Ange Postecoglou on Friday. Writing in his column for the Record, released this morning, he said the following:

“Incoming chief executive Dominic McKay may see the business sense in reconnecting with the fan base but he must surely have been regretting it from the moment the first question was asked and the cringe-factor was dialled up to 11.

“It’s one thing attempting to embrace the future but it’s quite another when supporters are stuck in some sort of time warp, bleating about conspiracies that belong in another time and place.

“Simply green lighting this toe-curling embarrassment seemed like another bad error of judgement from a club which has been full of them over the last year.”

Friday was the first public event held for fan-media, and it seems that it’s rattled some. Why engagement with supporters is seen as a negative is beyond me. Perhaps the fact the event was held before the print media were able to meet the manager irks them. But I won’t speculate any further.

Dom McKay is prioritising the Celtic supporters early on

Everyone can agree that Celtic’s major problem with fans last season was the club’s distancing from them. The Hoops appeared happy to ignore key supporter concerns and be refuse to acknowledge fan media in particular.

However, McKay has made it a priority to engage with supporters early on. I’m not saying he’s going to be the club’s greatest ever CEO. Or that we’re all going to fall in love with him because he’s extended an olive branch or two. But what he has done is all that we could’ve asked from him so far.

McKay is doing his best to connect with his support base. It’s easy to see why. It’s effectively his customer base too. Whether these kinds of events and access continues after the renewal of season tickets remains to be seen. But the early signs are extremely promising. The new man will be judged on the actions he takes and not the words he preaches. In terms of increased engagement with fans, he’s making a decent splash.

Ange Postecoglou met Celtic fan-media before print-media on Friday / (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

For other elements of the media to have a pop at that reeks of bitterness. Acting as though we have no right to get to know our new manager before them is both obnoxious and arrogant.

I respect all forms of media in Scotland personally. There’s a place for us all. But when it comes to our own football club, fan-media outlets like 67HailHail and others have been long overdue increased access and engagement. The level of access traditional outlets have had all to themselves.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a panic at the thought of sharing it. But Celtic fan-media has played a key role in holding our football club to account. Its importance to the support at large cannot be underestimated.

In other news, it’s time for Celtic to ask the questions of Rangers that they’ve yet to answer.