The Green Brigade have unveiled a new banner at Celtic Park today, as another crisis hits the club.

The fan group has displayed many protest banners at the stadium in recent months following poor on the pitch form.

However, the latest effort appears to be aimed at Chief Executive Peter Lawwell and his PR strategy.

They posted it on the North Curve Celtic Twitter account today with the message: “It’s time for a regime change.”

If nothing else, it represents the strength of feeling amongst some sections of the support.

The propaganda emanating from Celtic Park right now is see-through, tone-deaf and frustrating for fans.

Statement after statement muddies the waters at best, at times when we need clear and concise communication.

It’s no surprise that some fans are again angry with the hierarchy at Celtic Park.

Decision-making this season has been abysmal. The Dubai farce is simply a consequence of all that.

It’s frightening to think where we go from here this season.

We are 22 points behind, under fire from all quarters and don’t appear to have any long-term strategy in place.

Celtic need to come clean with supporters, and quickly.

This likely won’t be the last banner at Celtic Park if they don’t.

In other news, Michael Stewart has slammed the club after the Dubai debacle.

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