"No stone left unturned"; Celtic CEO McKay plans to scour globe for signings

By Euan Davidson

June 25, 2021

Dom McKay intends to leave “no stone unturned” to find the next Celtic greats.

Speaking to assorted fan media at Celtic Park today, McKay said he was keen to evolve the club’s recruitment, and think outside the normal parameters to secure top young global talent.

And to do that, he’s also going to draw on his new manager’s knowledge.

It makes sense; Postecoglou has won titles in Australia and Japan, with Brisbane Roar and Yokohama F Marinos. During his spell with the latter, he helped to mould the career of Takefusa Kubo [Tranfermarkt]. He since signed for Real Madrid after a tug-of-war with Barcelona [Guardian].

Answering a question on such recruitment from the Celtic Exchange Podcast, McKay said:

“We want to leave no stone left unturned, in terms of bringing talent into the club. I jokingly said to Ange I’d love to get the next Nakamura over to Scotland-”

“You can still get Nakamura, he’s playing. He’s 43!”, Postecoglou interjected.

McKay continued:

“Absolutely, why would you not want to tap into [Postecoglou’s] experience? But we’ve got a wealth of experience, across the globe [in the] Celtic family. Through our formal scouting network, or our informal scouting network. So, our challenge is to bed Ange in, give him the support he needs and the team need, then look to evolve all of our structures.

“We will leave no stone left unturned to make sure we’ve got the best structures, to make sure this team, this club, is a club we all continue to be greatly proud of.”

Exciting news for Celtic fans, more promises from Dom McKay

Of course, talk is one thing. Actually delivering is another.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the links have come in thick and fast. Ado Onaiwu, who scored a hat-trick on his first start for Japan, has been tentatively rumoured [Glasgow Live]. Mat Ryan, although a known quantity over here, is being substantially tied to a move up to Glasgow.

Ado Onaiwu has already paid tribute to the new Celtic boss / (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

The Oceanic and Asian markets have been explored to some degree in the past, with mixed results. Shunsuke Nakamura is obviously the stand-out here, and not every player will be of that standard. However, there’s a wealth of talent that European clubs seem to be reticent to explore.

Given the hiring of Postecoglou is, in itself, an exploration into a less familiar market, it surely follows that player recruitment might go the same way. If it does, expect some thrills and spills along the way.

No stone left unturned, indeed. We’ll hold you to that one, Dom!

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