North Curve release fantastic video for new Celtic song

By Euan Davidson

October 20, 2021

Celtic supporters love a song. Helpfully, The North Curve, the organisation which represents Celtic fans who populate Paradise’s standing section, have released a new video for that very reason.

In it, they’ve shared the words of a fantastic new chant, to the tune of “Sway”, a song made famous by Dean Martin in 1954 [YouTube], written by Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltrán Ruiz.

It’s been a terrace ear-worm for weeks, and now the rest of the Celtic support can listen along to the new chant.

The lyrics are:

“As I was walking up the Gallowgate,
On a Saturday, to see a game,
A man approached me and he said to me,
Who’s playing today in this city?

“I said come with me and you’ll see a team,
With a world-famous history,
Their name is Celtic and I follow them,
Home and away on to victory.”

Honestly, we didn’t expect a version of ‘¿Quién será?’ to make it through the Celtic Park gates in 21-22. Maybe the team needs more bolero-mambo, as it seems to be doing the trick.

The North Curve debuted this song last month, and it’s getting gradually noisier with each airing.

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Celtic song now made available for all supporters

In terms of narrative purposes, it’s quite fun. As a sing-along, even more so.

Does it top the Celtic version of ‘Jumping All Over the World’? Certainly, it depends on the mood. “We’ve got Abada, he’s on the wing…” is an excellent refrain and a total thumper.

This one is pretty catchy, sure. Perhaps it’s more a grower, without the immediacy of the Scooter-approved chant we saw emerge earlier in the season.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Mind you, you get the sense the Green Brigade and North Curve could turn any old song into an effective chant. Whether it’s the Latin sound of this more recent effort or pounding European hardcore.

In any event, it’s a great act of sharing the wealth. With St Johnstone to visit on Saturday, it’s a good opportunity for the whole stadium to bounce along with a new terrace chant.

Say what you like about Celtic fans, but we’ve always got new songs.

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