"Not Roy Keane", "I swear to God"; Celtic supporters hijack another birthday post

By Euan Davidson

March 25, 2021

They say there are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Celtic wishing ex-players a happy birthday.

And why shouldn’t they? If someone has contributed to Celtic in a meaningful way, then fair doos. As long as it’s not the only updates supporters are getting from the club, that is.

Given the radio silence from Celtic over their manager hunt, and the news surrounding Roy Keane today, it was inevtiable that Anton Rogan’s Twitter Birthday Party would get spoiled, however. That was absolutely the case, with fans reacting to Keane-gate with more than an air of resistance.

Ok, let’s just speak plainly: a lot of fans are against the idea. It’s almost as if Celtic supporters don’t want a Lennon 2.0 type, who hasn’t successfully managed a club in over a decade. Someone who, when he left Sunderland, was so unpopular that the Black Cats players were literally jumping for joy.

Certainly, it’s a view we can sympathise with. So, popular narratives be damned: here are some fan reactions to… well, strictly speaking, Anton Rogan’s birthday.

Roy Keane watching Ireland / (Photo by NICK POTTS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Celtic fans livid with Roy Keane chat, but poor old Anton Rogan

Imagine you worked for Celtic’s social media team.

You’ve made a lovely graphic with centenary team star Anton Rogan. You’ve compiled his stats and accolades. You tweet it out, and it’s just so clear what’s coming next.

Let the righteous anger begin:

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