Many watching Celtic’s 2-0 defeat of St Johnstone yesterday will have noticed something peculiar during the contest.

Oliver Burke went down after being fouled in the first-half. It was then noticeable that he had glaring red spots right up his thigh. It clearly didn’t look like any form of illness, and seemed to suggest some work is/had been done.

Interestingly, the Scottish Sun have reported that the marks actually resemble something called cutting therapy.

The idea in using the treatment is that is helps with stiff muscles and fatigue. It not only prevents players from getting injured more easily, but also apparently speeds up healing time.

Speaking in the Scottish Sun, Sports Therapist Kathleen McDougall explained why Burke may have had the marks.

“It brings in fresh oxygenated blood which means the tissues will heal faster. It’s pretty much the opposite of a massage.

“In terms of Oliver Burke with his quads, that would’ve been a 10-15 minute job – they would’ve used other treatments on the area too.

“With Oliver Burke as an example, his quads must have been tight or damaged. By putting the cups on them, it’s bringing blood to the area which therefore increases the length of the region because it’s getting oxygen and all the nutrition it needs.”

All seems harmless

Oliver Burke didn’t appear to have the same marks against St Mirren recently (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

It doesn’t appear as if the unusual marks are anything to be too concerned about. In the end, it simply looks as though Burke is trying to get ahead of the game and make sure he doesn’t pick up any needless injuries.

Considering this is a hugely important stage of Burke’s career, it makes sense for him to do what he can to stay fit.

Interestingly, the Sun, however, have also said in their report that McDougall stated there’s no scientific evidence to support that the therapy works. It therefore remains to be seen how fit Burke can stay at Parkhead in the meantime.

The St Johnstone clash was also the first time Burke had been seen with the cupping marks on him. Despite the explanation, they’re still an intriguing thing to have.

For us supporters, however, it’s great to see this isn’t anything more serious.

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