"On borrowed time"; Celtic great Pat Bonner's verdict on Lennon and the board

By David Walton

February 22, 2021

Celtic great Pat Bonner believes Neil Lennon is now “on borrowed time” at Parkhead after another dismal evening.

The Hoops dropped 18 points behind Rangers last night in the Premiership. It leaves our rivals only seven points away from clinching the title.

The result left supporters feeling empty and drained of any appetite they had for the football club. With a strong lack of engagement from the Celtic board this season, the result last night only widened that disconnect further.

And Bonner believes Lennon’s time is up as he questioned what the board’s plan is for next season.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound last night, Bonner said: “Neil Lennon knows it himself that he’s on borrowed time. He was playing for his credibility between now and the end of the season.

“But it’s all about the leadership and what decisions they make at board level. They need to come out with a clear plan soon. Where do we go from here now? What happens next? I see them putting players on pre-contracts – who’s making those decisions?

“You’ve a new chief executive supposed to be coming in. This has to be sorted out and has to be sorted our fairly quickly. The next two or three months is critical for Celtic to get the plan in place for next season.”

Lack of engagement with Celtic supporters summed up by Pat Bonner and his Lennon verdict

This is a major cause of the Celtic supporters’ apathy for their football club this season. Absolutely nothing has been communicated regarding the plan for next season.

All we’ve had to go on is speculation and media reports regarding the potential direction of the club. There’s been no confirmation regarding whether a new Director of Football will come in, for example [Daily Mail].

And that’s a massive blow to the supporters. That lack of engagement has only enraged those of us who want what’s best for our football club and want to see us turn around our fortunes. Bonner, a Celtic shareholder himself, pretty much highlights that here.

Former Celtic keeper Pat Bonner / (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)

It’s clear there will be a plan in mind for the summer. The board aren’t moronic enough not to have something they want to press ahead with. But why that hasn’t been revealed to the supporters is anybody’s guess.

It’s not as if fans are demanding specifics from the club regarding the future. We’re all very aware that the manager/director of football of their choosing may not be over the line or available yet. However, a bit of communication with supporters outlining their summer goals would be ideal.

If Hoops fans had been informed earlier this season that Lennon was going to leave in the summer, it would’ve been largely accepted. But this sheer apathy stems from the lack of leadership, bravery, and communication from a board that seems to be undermining how powerful a fan-base we truly are.

In other news, Neil Lennon made one startling admission last night.