Our View: Celtic fans should be pleased with joint response group decision

By John Reid

March 18, 2020

On Tuesday, the Scottish FA posted the results of the joint response group meeting about how to Scottish football is dealing with football’s current lockdown situation.

One aspect of the results should have been read closely by Celtic fans, which is the notion of playing games behind closed doors.

The Scottish FA have rejected that proposal, and gave their reasons why.

“However, it was the unanimous view of the Scottish FA Board that this approach could compromise the health and safety of other key stakeholders, not least players, match officials and staff, as well as necessitating the attendance of emergency services and medical staff” the group concluded.

Decision should be welcomed

That decision is one that should be welcomed by Celtic fans, and indeed the rest of Scottish football.

Celtic Park may not see any fans for a good while (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

If we are dealing with football fans in Scotland, you can bet that when games can be played once more there will be a mass groundswell of people who will be desperate to attend their first football matches in what will probably be a number of months.

People will be very eager to go to football matches.

As for Celtic fans, Hoops fans will be more than eager to see the team try to retain the Scottish Cup, and go for nine in a row when football returns.

Significant moments would be better with fans there

Those significant moments will be made even better with thousands of Celtic fans in attendance. Obviously at the moment, keeping people safe is the most important thing.

Celtic fans / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

That is why emergency services and medical staff are better off helping to treat the sick than to attend behind closed doors football games.

Hopefully sooner rather than later football will be once more played in Scotland on a regular basis. When that day comes, the fans should be there to support Celtic.

That is why the decision not to play games behind closed doors is the correct one to make.

Do you agree with the decision not to play games behind closed doors? Will you attend Celtic’s first game back in action? Share your thoughts below with a comment in our new discussion forum…