"Penny for Eddie Howe's thoughts"; Michael Stewart and Celtic fans discuss Sliding Doors moment

By John McGinley

August 19, 2021

Celtic really did experience a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment this summer with the Eddie Howe debacle.

If you’re unaware of the concept, it’s a reference to the 1998 film of the same name in which the main character misses a train by a matter of seconds, with an alternative timeline then explored of how different his life would be had he caught it.

In relation to Celtic, this is crystallised in the failed move for Howe and the subsequent arrival of Ange Postecoglou.

Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images

The way Celtic tell the story, Howe was pursued over a matter of months, only to tell the club he couldn’t deliver the backroom staff he wanted with him in Glasgow. He decided he could not take up the job. The club quickly moved on to the then little known Postecoglou, with incredible progress made since.

When you think about everything that’s good about Celtic right now – Kyogo Furuhashi, the style of no holds barred football, the unifying messages from Postecoglou in the press. It’s all dependent on Howe knocking us back.

Who knows where we’d be under the former Bournemouth boss? He may well have done a grand job, but it wouldn’t be quite like this would it?

Celtic 2-0 AZ Alkmaar | LIVE Reaction

Celtic 2-0 AZ Alkmaar | LIVE Reaction

At the very least, supporters have absolutely no regrets.

This was raised by pundit Michael Stewart last night after the match, who wrote on Twitter: “Penny for Eddie Howe’s thoughts! Can’t imagine there’s a single Celtic supporter who is disappointed he chose not to join their club.”

He’s right, of course. Postecoglou has won over the vast majority early on. Most people are happy to now see how this project pans out.

I have no problem with getting excited despite it being early days. We’ve suffered enough as supporters and across general society over the last 18 months. Getting swept away by this optimism is the least of our problems and, in fact, should be encouraged.

Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images

If it all blows up in our face then that’s just being a football supporter. I’d rather enjoy the journey than constantly worry about the future. Right now, Postecoglou is doing everything he can to make us happy. That’s enough for me.

These Celtic fans have taken to social media over the last 24 hours to discuss Postecoglou, Howe and celebrating what’s actually happened rather than worrying about what might have been…

In other news, Ange hates singling out players for praise; made an exception last night in Celtic dressing room.