Perhaps Celtic boss Neil Lennon and his "mitigating factors" are best left behind closed doors

By Euan Davidson

February 19, 2021

Celtic boss Neil Lennon can be a frustrating figure at times.

Alright, that might be understatement of the century. There have been times where his decision making and quotes have been utterly infuriating. During a time where Celtic supporters are desperate for transparency and more holistic management, Lennon has been part of the issue.

All that is arguable. But it’s also true that our manager doesn’t need to air out squad problems in public.

By asserting that there have been “mitigating factors” [Scottish Sun] behind some of this season’s disappointments, Lenny has embedded himself into a needless drama.

Lennon, when asked to elaborate, said [YouTube]:

“No. No, some things have to remain in house.

“There have been all kind of different episodes that have affected players one way or another, and the squad.”

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Lennon has tied himself in a bizarre knot. For the millionth time this season, we’re left to speculate on what’s happening at the club. At the very least, we can have some fun with it.

The most-likely scenario is a bust-up, which gives credence to the rumours emanating from Lennoxtown earlier in the season. At the time, the Athletic’s Kieran Devlin was very unfairly criticised for revealing internal strife at the club. As a journalist with an immense passion for Celtic, it’s not an article he would’ve enjoyed writing.

Celtic’s Lennoxtown training centre / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Celtic fans left to ponder what Neil Lennon means

Simply put, Neil Lennon has invited speculation. It’s a bit like coming back from summer holiday and claiming you have a girlfriend, but she lives round my Gran’s bit and you wouldn’t know her.

Mind you, there’ll be plenty with their own ideas. Maybe one the new players got a squad initiation horribly wrong. Perhaps there’s a player in the squad who doesn’t understand buying rounds, and Dubai was a trip taken solely to remedy that problem. It could well be that one of the players stole Neil Lennon’s tin of Snus and got fined two weeks’ wages. Anything is possible.

Perhaps there are cliques within the squad. That’d be true of any large group of people, especially in workplaces, but of course, it can turn nasty.

However, all this speculation is pointless, and incredibly frustrating. In any event, though, it’s best left unsaid by the manager, so why bring it up at all?

The last thing Celtic and Neil Lennon need to do is vent frustrations in public. One day we’ll understand why things fell apart so dramatically this season. But the timing for finding that out is not right now.

We’ve given our critics plenty of reasons to smirk this season. There’s simply no need to add to that.

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