PES have released fresh images regarding big Celtic update

By David Walton

February 1, 2019

It’s felt like it’s taken forever, but the update of Celtic Park into PES 2019 is going to be terrific.

The new update is set to arrive on February 7th. It’s going to contain Celtic Park as well as original scanned player faces. It’s also the first time Celtic have had anything like this across football’s top video games.

Not since Celtic Club Football 2005 have we seen Paradise on our consoles. Despite it consistently being brought up by Scottish football and gaming fans, the rights haven’t ever been secured.

That is until now. PES are getting hyped up for their newest data-pack, and also posted a sneak peak of what the new faces, and parts of the stadium itself, will look like.

Stunning and long overdue

It may only just be a few screenshots, but there’s no denying that Parkhead looks absolutely stunning from the early images. Here’s hoping the full thing is going to be even better when it’s released next week.

One disappointing aspect is that many fans thought they were going to get this when the game was released. PES have consistently been sent replies on their official Twitter account about when Parkhead was coming into the game. Finally, that time has come.

You can soon be having an Ibrox part of your own come February 7th (Michael Steele/Getty Images)

The game will also have the same player face upgrades and stadium release for Rangers too. So if you fancy copying the real team over the years and want to hammer them at their own ground, that’s also possible. Just make sure you don’t celebrate it too much though or that away attendance will get smaller and smaller.

Again, it’s important to stress how disappointing it is that it’s taken this long. There was no indication when the game was released that it would’ve taken this length of time. It would’ve been enough to put some fans off returning back to the franchise next year.

But regardless, for those Hoops fans who’ve been sticking with it, there’s just six days remaining.