Peterhead boss Jim McInally absolutely raging with Celtic/Rangers colts idea

By David Walton

January 7, 2021

Peterhead manager Jim McInally has launched an accusatory outburst at Celtic and Rangers over the idea about colt sides joining the SPFL pyramid.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that Ibrox managing director Stewart Robertson is being allowed to draft up a new proposal. It’s believed that the new plan will involve £1million in funds being paid by both Celtic and Rangers to the lower leagues.

In return, both Glasgow sides would see colt teams join League Two from next season. This would see the league expanded also, meaning no other club would have to drop down to non-league.

But McInally was still raging with the idea. He can’t seem to see how it benefits anyone else with the exception of Celtic and Rangers. And, in what was quite an outburst, the Peterhead boss believes we’re both trying to exploit the current Covid crisis.

As quoted by the Evening Express, McInally said: “It seems like Celtic and Rangers are trying exploit the situation we find ourselves in where clubs are struggling by dangling a carrot in front of them.

“It seems like the only way they can be justified is by trying to get a game of football somewhere because they won’t have had many games this season. If you look at the pyramid with the amount of ambitious teams in the Lowland League and Highland League I don’t think you could pacify everyone.

“I’ve always been against it and I always will be against it so it doesn’t matter to me what they say about it. Scottish football doesn’t owe it to Celtic and Rangers to help develop their players – it’s their problem to develop their players. I don’t find it healthy that it’s everybody else’s job to help Celtic and Rangers out.”

Celtic and Rangers colts in SPFL is a must; attitudes like this hold us back

I just don’t get this kind of attitude at all. How on earth does the status quo help Scottish football in any way? Why shouldn’t we look to develop Celtic and Rangers’ best youngsters in whatever way we can?

Celtic and Rangers have the most invested in youth academies in Scotland. It’s only natural that we try to find ways for them to get the best out of those academies. This, in turn, will help Scottish football’s best young talent to be given more first-team action. A chance for more homegrown talent to make careers in the game.

You can’t say they’re trying to exploit the situation with a cash offer. It’s just business. There’s no negative connotation you can connect to Celtic and Rangers wanting to give their youngsters minutes at senior level.

Jim McInally isn’t happy with idea of Celtic and Rangers colts in League Two (Photo by Sammy Turner – SNS GroupSNS Group via Getty Images)

This would also attract much more interest in Scotland’s lower leagues too. Should Celtic and Rangers enter at League Two level, there’ll be much higher attendances. These clubs have enormous fan-bases that will constantly be taking an interest. That therefore only increases the profile of the lower leagues – how is that a negative?

A more successful Celtic is a good thing for Scottish football. In the long-term, if both Celtic and Rangers continue to do well in Europe, that brings more money to Scotland and the SFA. There is a long-term reward for ensuring our youngsters develop more efficiently.

This isn’t just about helping the Glasgow sides out. It’s about giving the country’s top talents a chance to shine on the senior stage. Only here would that be considered a negative.

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