"Players played against us who probably should have been banned"; Celtic take fight to Scottish FA

By John McGinley

April 9, 2021

Celtic interim manager John Kennedy has called on the Scottish FA to provide clarity on the circumstances surrounding the delay to dish out punishment to a group of Rangers players.

Five Ibrox players received bans from the Hampden organisation after being found to have congregated in breach of pandemic guidelines almost two months ago.

There was a significant delay in the issuing of punishment and now the appeal has been set for three days after a crucial derby.

It’s a strange delay and Kennedy wants the SFA to let everyone know what’s going on.

Speaking to The Daily Record, he said: “I don’t understand why there’s such a delay. Players played against us who probably should have been banned.

“It’s something I think should have been dealt with a hell of a lot quicker to remain consistent with all the other decisions that have happened. The SFA probably need to address this themselves and give a bit more clarity to everyone in terms of the hold-up and why it has taken so long.

“I’m saying protocols because we tend to use that word but 100 per cent they were breaking the law. They were dealt with initially. Going back to the consistency, we were dealt with very quickly and we were punished harshly and we had to accept that and move on.

“The SFA are the only ones who can come out and clarify why this decision has taken so long and exactly what they are thinking.”

Celtic should take John Kennedy comments further with official Scottish FA query

Kennedy’s words are welcomed, but Celtic should really be taking leadership on this at the executive level. The club should back the interim boss up, who has publicly gotten the ball rolling, to seek clarity on the circumstances surrounding all of this.

Celtic supporters aren’t happy at all. With derby implications, I think everyone deserves a bit of transparency on all of this given the unusual delay and break from precedent this season.

Celtic interim boss John Kennedy isn’t happy with the Scottish FA / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Who knows? Maybe there’s a perfectly legitimate reason we are all insensitively missing.

Kennedy isn’t the most popular figure with sections of the Celtic support right now but he got this one spot on and hopefully Celtic, as a club, can put some meat on the bones of this complaint.

In other news, the Celtic interim boss also had some choice words for Steven Gerrard and Rangers.