Police source provides worrying update on Celtic Park Glasgow derby

By David Walton

March 10, 2021

A Police source has stated that there is a “very real possibility” that the Glasgow derby at Celtic Park won’t go ahead.

The city was left gobsmacked after moronic Ibrox supporters celebrated their title win at the Rangers Training Centre and George Square. The fans who went to the latter venue left the place in a mess as they shamelessly breached Covid protocols.

This led to a furious response from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. She stated that she would be holding talks during the week with an announcement to be made before the derby. Sturgeon said she was looking for “assurances” that the scenes from the weekend won’t happen again [Glasgow Times].

And speaking to the Scottish Sun, a Police Scotland source appeared to provide an ominous warning for supporters.

“There needs to be assurances that there will be no repeats of what happened at the weekend — but everyone knows this is going to be a challenge. The responsibility falls on the clubs, but will fans really listen to them?

“There have already been indications some supporters plan to gather at Parkhead on March 21. What officers had to deal with at the weekend was bad enough, without adding in rivalry and the potential for violence.

“Calling the game off is a very real possibility.”

Football showing its ugly side; police action on Celtic Park derby would be a blow

If the police are to effectively demand the game be called off, then it would be a major embarrassment. How that would reflect on football would be a major blow to the game. And it certainly wouldn’t lead to the government being anymore lenient when it comes to easing restrictions on the game.

And these comments from the Sun’s source should be a mjor concern. If there is indeed intel that there are gatherings being planned surrounding the game, we’re in massive trouble. It goes against everything the First Minister said yesterday.

The government and the police are seeking assurances over this fixture. If they’re identifying potential plans that totally ignore that call, we can forget it.

Celtic’s next match is massive / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And make no mistake, if it is called off, Rangers should be hammered. It was the Ibrox club whose supporters have brought such a negative spotlight on football. It was their supporters who have put this game under threat. As much as some are keen to link us into things, we all know whose fault this would be.

It would be a big blow to Celtic as a club too. This game against Rangers gives us a major chance to get some positivity back to the club. A chance to finally beat them this season and end this invincible talk. It looks as though there’s a real threat that won’t happen.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days.

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