The Polish FA has provided some key information that will strongly affect Celtic’s title hopes.

With football continuing to be in lockdown, UEFA held a meeting with its 55 member countries earlier on today. During that meeting, Euro 2020 was put off a year until the summer of 2021.

This means that Celtic and other clubs around Europe will have a chance to finish their league campaign over the course of the summer. However, the Polish FA has revealed that all domestic leagues must be concluded by June 30th.


UEFA held talks with its 55 member associations

UEFA held talks with its 55 member associations (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

In comments published by the Evening Express earlier this afternoon, the Polish FA had the following to say on the matter:

“1. If the situation allows, maximum efforts will be made to complete all competitions in the national leagues and European cups by 30 June 2020.

“2. There will be no exclusivity for the individual games: national leagues will be able to be played in the middle of the week, and matches in European cups during weekends.

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“3. The dates of the qualifying rounds for the European cups in the 2020/21 season will be determined depending on the completion of individual national leagues.”

A June end certainly doesn’t give much time

As of right now, we’re only just over three months away from UEFA’s cut-off date. Considering the uncertainty surrounding the current health crisis, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to close out the season by that period.

However, at the very least, fans have been given some more clarity today. The postponement of Euro 2020 was a key move from UEFA. It simply had to be done given the amount of games we were facing.

It looks as though it’s now been passed into the hands of the other football associations. So long as the season ends on June 30th, UEFA don’t seem too fussed about how it’s done.

The SFA will need to end the season by June 30th

The SFA will need to end the season by June 30th (Paul Harding – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

As for Celtic’s pursuit of the Scottish Premiership, the league season in Scotland was due to end on the weekend of May 17th. Therefore, that leaves us with just over six weeks of breathing room to try and get things done.

That timeframe is a concern. The Daily Record reported last weekend that the Scottish football authorities were fearing that no football could be played until August. Considering UEFA seemingly want domestic affairs wrapped up by the end of June, there’s a massive gap there in the two organisations’ time-frame.

So what today has done is provide a bit more clarity. However, plenty of questions have arisen too as this constantly evolving situation continues.

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