Positive Celtic Foundation message to be shown around Glasgow

By Hamish Carton

December 23, 2019

Positive messages of the work done by the Celtic Foundation will be displayed around Glasgow this Christmas.

Earlier today we told you about the charity wing’s record breaking Christmas Appeal of 2019. This year, the foundation raised a remarkable £310,000 following numerous charity initiatives including an eBay auction, bucket collection and the ‘Star of Glasgow’s Green and White’ charity single.

(Photo by Mark Runnacles – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

The club have, rightly, been shouting and screaming about it on social media today. And it seems like that positivity will spread into next week – with positive messages being displayed on giant digital advertising screens around Glasgow.

The Celtic Foundation deserves some public credit

The idea to have wonderful messages like the above shown around the city is a terrific one. Charity is a humble business by its very nature, but it’s nice to sing and dance about a terrific achievement now and again.

Raising awareness of the work the foundation are doing will also help in the long run with future Christmas Appeals and other events.

Foundation CEO Tony Hamilton also took to Twitter to give fans a little more idea what they can expect to see. He said that “messages of what the foundation do” will be shown “all across this dear green place in the next week.”

It is often said that Glasgow is green and white. This Christmas it will be once again, thanks to the foundation’s stellar work over the past six days.

So if you’re around Glasgow over the festive period and happen to look up and see one of those messages, just be proud that that’s the club you chose to support.