Celtic manager Neil Lennon has provided a bit more insight into how a psychologist will be used as an added support network for his playing squad, speaking to BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday (14:31).

Yesterday, the Bhoys boss made it clear he had plans to bring in someone to help players with the mental side of the game, revealing he’d had it signed off by Peter Lawwell, Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board (Sky Sports).

However, it appears everything is up and running and that Lennon has the person in place already.

Neil Lennon before today's Celtic match
Neil Lennon before today’s Celtic match / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The manager was guarded with his responses to the BBC but did explain, live on Radio Scotland (14:31): “This has been in the making for almost a year. The lockdown curtailed that. It’s an area we’re looking at to maybe find an extra edge for all the pressures we’ll have to deal with.

“Someone’s already in. Every fortnight it’ll be done on an individual basis or a group basis. It’s just up and running so hopefully we’ll see the effects of it as we go along.

“I think psychology is a huge part of sport. This person who we’ve got in has worked at a high level in various sports and with individuals. It’s another support mechanism the players may need.”

Players having an outlet to get professional help and advice, either to do with football or just issues outside of the game, can only be a benefit.

As fans, we often see players as commodities there to entertain or perform for us. However, it can be forgotten that they all have their own lives and problems to deal with like everyone else.

Neil Lennon with his Celtic players
Neil Lennon with his Celtic players / (Photo by Steve Welsh/Pool via Getty Images)

It’s something the manager clearly thinks his players need and hopefully, at the very least, it will lead to a better understanding and better relationships between Lennon and his squad.

If it has the added benefit of helping performances on the pitch, then even better.

In other news, Neil Lennon has provided an injury update on Christopher Jullien.

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