Celtic have finally announced when this year’s AGM will be. As reported by the Scottish Sun, the event will be held virtually on the 14th of December, as fans will not be able to attend Celtic Park.

However, in what is arguably the most important part of the AGM announcement, shareholders have been asked to submit questions four days before the AGM via email. Of course, it is not yet known what questions will be answered by the board.

One of the most important aspects of the AGM is the chance to question the likes of Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell in person, and that isn’t going to happen this year.

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Q and A could be a waste of time

The strength of the questions answered by the board will determine how successful the AGM will be. If they don’t answer any questions that are critical of what is going on at the club, then that part of the event will be a waste of time.

Normally the board don’t get to see the questions that are submitted by shareholders. Obviously that isn’t the case this year. Therefore, they can decide what questions are going to be answered from the ones that are submitted.


With the failure to qualify for the Champions League and the poor display in the Europa League, it would be daft to claim that all is going well for Celtic this season. That can’t be allowed to happen at the AGM when it comes to the questions that the board answers.

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Can’t be a whitewash

There can’t be a whitewash, with the questions answered focused on how much a pie costs, for example. Okay, that’s an extreme example. But the point is the same.

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Peter Lawwell is a smart man though. He will know that it won’t look good if the board avoids the tough questions.

Therefore, you have to imagine that at least some will be answered in the AGM. It will be a bad look for the board if they are not.

In other news, a Celtic trio could make history with Scotland’s under 21 side.


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