Rangers official warns fans against bogus Celtic email

By Connor Gordon

March 13, 2020

A Rangers club official has told fans to ignore a bogus email claiming the Celtic game is to be played behind closed doors, in quotes reported by the Scottish Sun.

The email is a scam offering fans the chance to see the game by purchasing hospitality tickets.

It’s not known how many fans received the email or where it came from.

But fans should be aware that, at time of writing, the game will go ahead at Ibrox with full capacity.

Rangers SLO on Celtic closed doors email

Gers SLO Greg Marshall is informing fans the he is aware of an email fellow supporters are receiving.

Ibrox Stadium will be open to Celtic and Rangers fans on Sunday. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

It aims to create havoc in wake of the coronavirus that has seen leagues close doors and postpone indefinitely.

The Sun are reporting the contents of this email.

It says: “As you will be aware there is no corporate flight now as decided by the club yesterday.

“The game on Sunday will now be behind closed doors, with an announcement this afternoon.

“There is a few hospitality tickets for around which I can reserve for you.”

The email suggests that only Rangers fans are receiving this email to their inboxes.

Rangers email could have knock on effect for Celtic supporters. (Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images)

But, this can have a knock on effect as Celtic supports may be told false info from Gers supporting friends.

Desperate Hoops diehards would also not think twice about chancing the hospitality tickets.

Mr Marshall said: “This is a fraud attempt.

“Anyone who has received this message please forward it on to [email protected] so that we can investigate.”

In the wake of something that will cause confusion, a low order scam attempt shouldn’t deter fans from backing their side.