Rangers lift Celtic terrace favourite from recent years, bettered by a parrot in 2018

By Euan Davidson

April 15, 2021

Even when they’re winning, Rangers give Celtic fans a laugh.

Ahead of the Scottish Cup clash on Sunday, our rivals have offered up their highly original take on a terrace classic. Their song ‘Every Saturday We Follow’ (no, we didn’t know either) has been a glossy studio remake, to galvanise the team for Sunday’s gigantic match.

Except, it’s not really their song, now, is it? You can hear their version here [Herald], if you absolutely must. The Herald report that ‘MyGers’ subscribers were targeted with the song this morning. A short statement said:

“Supporters are the life and soul of Rangers Football Club and although we have missed seeing fans at games, you have been with us every step of the way as we clinched 55 [citation needed].

“You, as a MyGers Member, directly support the success of the first team.

“As a tribute to some of our best fan celebrations and displays, the club has commissioned a special recording of the popular ‘Every Saturday We Follow’ fan song.”

Yes, they’ve been singing it a while. Except, it’s an old Celtic song, to celebrate Kieran Tierney [YouTube]. And beyond that, it’s a Liverpool song, borrowed from FC Porto ultras [Goal]. Even further back, it’s a song used by Italian supporters, in turn borrowed from an Italo Disco hit from 1985.

The song, in its original form, is ‘L’Estate Sta Finendo (‘The Summer Is Ending’)’ by Righeira. It’s a banger, actually, check it out here.

FC Porto ultras are credited with re-popularising ‘Allez, Allez, Allez” / (Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s not like Rangers to copy Celtic songs, after all…

There’s precedent here. Even some of their most famous chants, including ‘Follow, Follow’ [Celtic Wiki] are originally songs from the Celtic terraces.

It’s not like we’ve never been short of tunes, though. Or fans to sing them, from either humans or members of the animal kingdom, like this Celtic-minded Parrot [Glasgow Times].

Yep, even a parrot got to this international terrace favourite before Rangers did.

Releasing a song before a game with no supporters present is an odd choice in itself. But celebrating a tune that’s years old, and has been bettered by your most bitter rivals?

Wouldn’t be us.

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