Former Celtic defender Alan Stubbs has warned Rangers that if they start whining for a ‘null and void’ season it could call into question titles won during their EBT years, The Daily Record report.

Celtic are on course to be crowned Scottish champions for the ninth successive year, even if the 2019/20 league season does not resume.

A massive 81% of clubs voted for such a scenario last month, prompting furious statements and fan wailing from Ibrox ever since.


Stubbs though thinks any title earned by the Hoops would be fully deserved and has warned Rangers to be careful with regards to how they proceed.

As quoted by The Daily Record, he said: “Rangers should be very careful because if they start saying this campaign should be null and void then what about all the leagues they won when they were later found in court to be bending the rules regarding their tax avoidance?

“The difference here is that Celtic have done nothing wrong while Rangers did do something wrong and still kept those titles.

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“Plus, if anything, if the season had continued, I could only see the gap between the two clubs becoming even wider. For me, it’s not even up for discussion because Celtic would have finished even further ahead.

“Rangers had been more or less admitting that their season was over before the lockdown even happened and they were only ever playing for second place this year.”

Thankfully, Celtic don’t have to worry at all about not being recognised this season. That’s all done and dusted now.

While everyone involved at the Hoops would prefer the season to resume, that’s looking increasingly unlikely and clubs have already voted in favour of calling the league on an average points per game basis.

Celtic celebrate winning a league title

Celtic celebrate winning a league title / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Any further moaning about this is likely to fall on deaf ears officially, even if Rangers fans deny reality.

Still if they want to bring up asterisks and unfairly won leagues, there’s a historical discussion to be had, as Stubbs has pointed out.

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